Aneessa – Just To Be With You


Just To Be With You is a new single from Saint-Etienne, France-born artist, Aneessa. A highly educated performer who has traveled and lived around the world, Aneessa has an impressively lengthy list of song credits (spanning many genres) to her name. This latest release is a smooth jazz track about interfaith romance and long distance relationships. It emphasizes the lengths two people are willing to go to find common ground and be together when they are in love. Musically, the song is professionally performed, featuring a light beat and delicate saxophone melodies that are rich with sonic detail. (7)

Aneessa is obviously an accomplished, well-trained vocalist, so it’s no surprise that she is able to sing well from a technical standpoint, in a genre like this which has a high degree of technical difficulty. However, she also brings genuine emotion to the table. Her performance is heartfelt, and this is clearly a very personal song for her. While Just To Be With You is a romantic “couples song,” it’s surprisingly peppy and invigorating. The beat has a refreshing bounce it, and you could actually dance to this jam. The song creates an atmosphere that’s positively sparkling. Wonderful.

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