Clelia Jane Sheppard – Holy Water


Holy Water is a new single from Clelia (pronounced Clay-Lee-uh) Jane Sheppard, a Los Angeles based up and coming artist, originally from Cape Charles, Virginia. In addition to making music, she also has a passion for photography and dogs. Holy Water features an ambient synth backing and ethereal, dreamy vocals. The song overwhelms emotionally with its powerful and bright, atmospheric aura. This is the second track in recent memory I’ve come across which blends EDM positivity and feel good vibes with pop music. In this case, the lyrics to touch upon memories and missing someone, so even with the colorful energy, there is a hint of bittersweet. The vocals are passionate, yet also not afraid to convey emotional vulnerability. What ultimately elevates this song is the way Clelia’s willingess to lay it all on the line in a kaleidoscope of emotional expression. She doesn’t conceal her power level, and this allows the listener to revel in the realization that they are listening to something genuine and real.


Clelia’s music is organic and has sound lyrical instincts (she comes up with many of her lyrics on the spot.) Her songs tend to focus on beauty and innocence. They project a kind of emotional purity, both musically and lyrically. One of her other songs, Beauty in a Wicked World captures this spirit very well. Holy Water is in fact a very pure song, not pure as in “chaste” but pure of heart. It’s a romantic song which focuses on the best parts of falling in love, while excluding the ugly stuff which can end up creeping into any relationship. Wouldn’t we all love to have someone feel about us the way Clelia feels about the subject in Holy Water? I know I would. I think I will listen to the song again.

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