Albuquerque based hip hop artist “Glocck Vee” has a new single out called IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS. In addition to having a snazzy name, this pimp tight jam cruises smoothly from start to finish. Glocck delivers nonstop lyrical action. His superhuman delivery will leave you wondering if he even needs to breathe more than a once a minute. He seems to be influenced by the “gangsta” lifestyle, but the song isn’t all business, as he and “Mike Beezy Bad Azz” manage to occasionally show a humorous side as well. I honestly haven’t heard very much from the Albuquerque hip hop scene. I’m not familiar with it, but Glocck has some decent skills and is very prolific when it comes to recording and releasing music. I have a feeling he’ll continue to crank out a steady stream of new tunes for quite some time.

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