Archaeological excavator and rapper “P Digga” has a slick new jam out called “Grind Mode.” Part of the appeal to it is that some of the lyrics are kind of hard to understand. He has something of what I thought was a Caribbean/British accent, but he’s actually a US based Nigerian rapper. This made me want to listen to it multiple times to see if I could decipher parts of it, and each time I found some hidden nugget like “You can Kik me…You can Facebook me”(yeah he’s talking about the chat app “kik” i’m pretty sure.) This is big time club music, very well produced. Nothing shabby here at all. It actually reminds me of a lot of the rap/reggae stuff DJ David Orlando used to play at Dublin’s(long gone club) in West Hollywood in 1999/2000.

The song will be appearing in his upcoming EP “RIP OZO OMEIHE NZO,” an album title that looks like an old school Nintendo saved game code but probably means something important. I think out of all P Digga’s songs I prefer “Gyrate” as it’s incredibly catchy and has an entertaining video. Though the bizarre song “Homeless” is pretty unique. I’ve said it before, but it’s amazing how much more interesting these up and coming rappers are than the mainstream junk you hear on the radio, especially the foreign born rappers as they bring perspectives that don’t fall neatly into US rap cliches.