1sPlace Poet – So High 22222

So High 22222 is a new single from Orlando-based hip hop artist, 1sPlace Poet. Let me just say straight up that this recording is smooth. 1sPlace Poet’s delivery flows naturally. Peppy pacing blends with melodic tone to make it crystal clear that he is not just a poet but is well versed in the art of musicality. This is especially impressive in that the actual beat is fairly minimalist. 1sPlace Poet’s voice ultimately carries the song, though strategically incorporated backing vocals add a bit of fullness and enhance the sound.

You might assume that a song with a title like So High 22222 would be some kind of fun, novelty track, but be prepared to be caught off guard, because this is in fact a high quality piece of hip hop music, with hints of R&B and soul. The artist has another recent release called Can’t Nobody. When comparing the two tracks in a recent interview, he stated that “one is for smokers, and one if for lovers.” However, in my opinion both of these jams are for anyone who can appreciate decent music and chill vibes.

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Shannon Burchett – Touch

Touch is a new single from Dallas-based singer-songwriter and recording artist, Shannon Burchett. Featuring robust guitar melodies and an epic orchestral ambiance, the track has already amassed nearly 10k streams on Soundcloud. Touch blends classic rock’n’roll energy with a sophisticated, sensitive sound. With the aid of a delightfully full mix, Shannon’s prodigious performance manages to convey an impressive level of emotion. The song is aptly titled, as Touch truly does activate the listener’s senses and will leave them tingling.

The release of Touch comes hot off the heels of Shannon’s recent album, Lucky. One standout single from that EP is Nirvana, a blissful, romantic jam with pop sensibilities. Nirvana has a peppy, flavorful beat and tropical vibe. It’s quite catchy and demonstrates Shannon’s ability to crack into the mainstream zeitgeist. The melodies are smooth, groovy and surprisingly complex. Shannon Burchett is obviously a skilled keyboardist and guitarist and seems to be capable of cranking out quality releases at a prolific pace. He has already carved out a small stylistic niche for himself in this industry. With the right connections, he has the potential to go pretty far.

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Website: https://www.shannonpopmusic.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2YIQHm456KtbDirAu5VygO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shannonpopmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannonbpopmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shannonpopmusic

Hustle Sinista – 44 Rhythm

44 Rhythm is a new single from New Orleans-born hip hop artist, Hustle Sinista. Featuring a tight, methodical beat, this slick track really has a nice kick to it. While inconic influences like Outkast, Mystikal, UGK, Biggie and Tupac are detectable in the sound, Hustle Sinista demonstrates a distinctive style here, as he melodically integrates flavorful elements of 60s-70s pop and soul into the mix. Don’t let the laid back delivery style fool you either, there’s a lot of energy in the vocals, and the artist actually has an impressive singing voice. While he definitely has a firm handle on things in the flow department, there’s a lot more than just rhyming going on here, musically.

Currently living in Atlanta, Hustle Sinista  is clearly a highly motivated artist. He believes his strong work ethic separates him from a lot of others in the industry. The production quality is pretty impressive (especially the mix levels), so it seems the effort is paying off. Keep your eyes peeled for his next single, Everybody Hate Me, which is sure to be just as lively. The new single is slated for release sometime in the near future.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDhmVLq4GDTOSBdaWDvjjNw

“Mod Commodities,” the Mid-Century Modern Inspired NFT Collection on Proton

Just last month, Phoenix-based artist Brandon Adamson released a mid-century modern inspired NFT series on the Proton blockchain. The initial 12 pieces sold within the first 24 hours. Titled “Mod Commodities,” these NFT works are being made in the same style as the abstract, retro-futurist and modernist paintings the artist has been painting for 20 years.

On a recent episode of The Stark Truth podcast, Brandon explained that due to his minimalist living situation, he decided to create the series because he no longer had room to store large physical paintings. He also found the cumbersome shipping process involved in selling large abstract paintings online to be impractical.

As of this current writing, there are 28 NFTs in the collection, and 13 have sold. According to Brandon, “Most NFTs that people are making right now are pixelated characters or cartoon animals, which is fine. I love pixel art, but I wanted to put together a collection that was something distinctive and which was in line with my own artistic style. I didn’t want to just opportunistically mimic whichever style was currently selling big. Also a lot of people buy NFTs specifically designed to be profile pics. I’ve had a buyer who told me that Mod Commodities NFTs would be ideal to be used as banners or header images for profiles. Indeed they are, He purchased one for that reason, despite my never having marketed them as such. Perhaps I should.”

The Mod Commodities is currently available on ProtonMarket. In an article on CoinSlot, the artist mentioned that one of the main reasons he chose Proton was that it had the most user friendly wallet and NFT minting interface out of several blockchains he tested prior to launching the collection.

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Twitter @modcommodities

Raféu – Moonlight

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Moonlight is a new single from artist, Raféu. Born in Berlin (yet of South Asian , Middle Eastern and Oriental descent, Raféu holds nothing back with this latest sensual and fun-filled track, which is already getting some action on Spotify. The colorful and laid back club beat sets the mood for Raféu’s vocals. The song is actually quite catchy and the lyrics are brazenly and perhaps refreshingly honest. Incorporating elements of romance and intimacy, Rafeu’s casual, direct and propositional delivery style gets right to the point, making this a true party jam. Moonlight is quite memorable, and there is definitely an audience for it, for those who are in the right frame of mind.

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Garcia Douglas – I Say No


I Say No is a new single from Canadian artist, Garcia Douglas. Backed by a soulful and elegant, synth driven beat, Garcia Douglas sings with a heartfelt sincerity that’s guaranteed to make listeners feel something. Her voice has a certain beautiful innocence to it that lends an emotional purity to the music. It’s expressive and conveys real emotion, while also being soothing. Though the lyrics don’t shy away from revealing emotional vulnerability, I Say No has an underlying inspirational and ultimately empowering vibe. You can tell that Garcia Douglas loves performing and the deep, creative process of songwriting. That gives the song an added layer of charm.

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/Garcia-Douglas-111813377807466/
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Gemsport1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gdouglasfans123/
ITunes: I Say No – Single by G Douglas: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/i-say-no-single/1590440563

Carrier – When New York Is Drowning

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When New York Is Drowning is a new album from Brooklyn-based rock band, Carrier. Peppy, emotive and melodic, this is classic indie rock. I honestly didn’t even know there still were bands out there making this style of indie music, which was so coveted and loved in the early to mid 2000s, when I was just a budding young scenester, and everyone I knew listened to groups like Franz Ferdinand, James, The Make Up and The Dandy Warhols,.

It all makes sense though when you learn that When New York Is Drowning apparently was a ten year album project. The band cites influences like Japandroids, The Strokes, Jets to Brazil and Green Day, but they’ve essentially carved out their own sound. Lively guitars provide much of the backbone of the songs, while passionately delivered vocals with deep reverberation give the music its evocative soul. The recordings are excellent and pure, without any of the senseless overprocessing or auto-tune effects that taint most contemporary releases. The album’s opening track, Bitter Child is an instant hit and perfectly encapsulates what Carrier’s music is all about.

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Rebecca Jade – What’s It Gonna Be

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What’s It Gonna Be is a new single from artist, Rebecca Jade. Backing by sparkling, colorful and sophisticated melodies, Rebecca’s powerful voice takes center stage. Her vocals are dynamic and professional. She’s truly an exceptional singer, and manages to convey sensitivity and emotional realism in her delivery. With its catchy hooks, What’s It Gonna Be is high class lounge music with 21st century pop/R&B sensibility. The song builds and gets better and better, incorporating crystal clear vocal harmonies and a full, sonically rich that will give you goosebumps. Rebecca Jade has an impressive list of singing credits, having performed in some capacity or another with many iconic artists. What’s It Gonna Be shows that she’s a musical giant in her own right.

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Acid City Nuns – The Habit


The Habit is a new album from Acid City Nuns. Coming in with crystal clear audio and stereophonic vibes, these jams sound so smooth. Blending elements of jazz, synthwave, and hip hop, the songs have a sophisticated feel. The vocals often oscillate between dreamlike serenades and casual rapping. There’s a lot of variety, with some tracks featuring laser-like synths and aerobic workout tape pacing, while other songs are ambient, mysterious and ethereal. Still other songs incorporate pristine, classic jazz instrumentals, reminiscent of what you’d hear at a late 1970s cocktail party in New York. The music is professional, fun and occasionally romantic, with lyrics that subtly hint at underlying themes of social consciousness. Containing nearly 20 polished tracks, The Habit is an ambitious and impressively satisfying production.

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Eddy P – Cataracts


Cataracts is a new single from Sacramento-born vocalist and rapper, Eddy P. He cites a lot of golden age hip hop legends like Tupac, Nas, and Bone Thugs as influences, and his performance actually measures up to those standards. This guy has an excellent flow and can really rap. Capable of lightning delivery and precision timing, the Bone Thugs’N’Harmony influence is readily apparent in the first few seconds of the recording. Other times he keeps the vibe cool and casual as he goads his adversaries.

Throughout the song, he makes effective use of layering to create a fully stacked, action packed mix. Cataracts with its catchy chorus, unique metaphor and musically colorful backbeat, is itself a kind of instant classic. A lot of rappers have rhyming skills, but Eddy P demonstrates that he is a genuinely talented songwriter, capable of putting together enduring hits. There’s definitely some magic there. Eddy P also offers a link where people can go and download his songs for free, here.

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Instagram: Eddyp_Ironmessage
Twitter: @IronMessage
Website: www.eddypironmessage.com