Tomorrow’s Fate – Appreciate The Time

Released through NRT-Records & Rock Of Angels Records, Appreciate The Time is the debut album from Austria-based band, Tomorrow’s Fate. Blending elements of alternative, indie and modern hard rock, the songs are musically powerful and have an optimistic feel. Charismatically emotive vocals and melodic, polished guitars present with an impressive level of professionalism. With solid tracks like My Way and Don’t Forget to Rock, the band manages to marry an impassioned sincerity of indie artfulness with major-label production quality, resulting in a sound that’s reminiscent of iconic groups like Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge. Credit must be given not only to the band, but also to producer Nino Markgraf, whose efforts here helped the album successfully achieve (and maybe even surpass) its sonic potential.

The album is brimming with inspirational energy at every turn. Even the more thematically sentimental and sensitive tracks, such as Be Human, still deliver high octane listening experiences that will pick you up. The singer demonstrates terrific vocal ability, and believe me when I say that this not an easy style of music to sing, especially when the vocals occupy such a prominent position in the final recording.

There’s some creative versatility in terms of pacing and cadence, but the mixes are full and rich throughout. One of my favorite tracks on here is the epic rock ballad, I Won’t Leave You Alone, which incorporates some crunchy guitar distortion and clocks in at over 6 minutes. Another notable jam is Humming Birds. It’s one of the more vocally driven pieces. Utilizing “earthy” lyrics and dynamic melodies, it paints a vivid, reflective picture of its naturalistic setting.

Most of the songs on here could best be described as anthems for humanity. The positivity and empathetic tone of reassurance conveyed in Appreciate The Time refreshing in a genre that often contains excessive doses of cynicism and misanthropy. An encouraging message helping us to appreciate the time we have together and to make the most of it might be just what people need to hear in these tumultuous times.

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Jake Haze -1985

1985 is a concept album from artist Jake Haze (often stylized as “JKHZ”). This musically and intellectually ambitious release stands as Haze’s 8th studio album. Just from glancing at the title, one might assume that this was a simple retro 80’s nostalgia album. However, 1985 is much more advanced than that. This thematically unique collection is centered around the political scandals involving the country of Honduras.

Peppered with occasional media samples, the songs blend elements of groovy hip hop and robust beats with cultural commentary. You get the idea pretty quickly, with titles like Imported Everything and American Dreams, and the attention-grabbing intro itself is one of my favorite jams. Featuring a plethora of guest artists, the quality and vibe remain consistent on the album throughout, though it’s worth noting that some tracks (such as the catchy banger, Ode to the Federales) are actually in Spanish.

The performances are lively and the production is crisp. Clocking in at 17 songs, 1985 is rich with lyrical content. There’s just so much substance here, enhanced by the auto-biographical anecdotes in the narrative and a personal touch. In addition to appreciating the socio-political undertones and being impressed by the music, I have to admit that I actually learned more about Honduras than I knew before listening. So it also offers an educational experience, the kind you can’t get in school.

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JackLyfe Pat – In My Bag Na

In My Bag Na is a new single from hip hop artist JackLyfe Pat. The artist’s intriguing moniker has a dual meaning in that JackLyfe Pat is from Jackson, Mississippi and “comes from a family that took what they needed in order to survive.” He cites Wu Tang, Three Six Mafia, OutKast, Prince, and even MGMT as being among his musical influences.

In My Bag Na is creatively hypnotic and more avant garde than what we’ve come to expect from contemporary hip hop and pop. That’s not surprising though, given that JackLyfe Pat has always been a very inventive individual. As a child, he claims to have experimented with different bathroom cleaners and was creative in all sorts of quirky ways. In terms of delivery, JackLyfe Pat maintains a conversational, and poetic flow. Vocal layering effects give the feeling that we’re listening to a reflective, inner monologue. He really does have his own style, and it works. Having opened up for prominent artists like Mello T Da Godfather, Moe3, and Post Malone, JackLyfe Pat is a fairly well established performer already. We expect to hear more releases from him in the future.

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Qtip Loc – I’m a P.I.M.P.

Memphis-born hip hop artist Qtip Loc lays it down eloquently in his new single, I’m a P.I.M.P. This flavorful jam features a groovy, robust beat and ambient backing dialogue gives the track a cerebral, contemplative quality. The music is full and melodic, reminiscent of songs from the golden age of hip hop. It takes a lot of confidence to title a song I’m a P.I.M.P., but at least from a musical perspective, the artist’s skills back it up. After hearing even the first few seconds of the song, I didn’t even question the claim. His commanding delivery and songwriting ability demonstrate pretty quickly that he is all about handling biz and putting first things first.

According to Qtip Loc, he’s known for more than just music though. “I’m a hustler and getting to the money is my main objective.” Gotta respect a man who keeps his on the prize and still finds room in his schedule to produce crisp tracks like this that will keep listeners in the mood and ready to bust a move at all times.

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Amor Nostalgico Deluxe – Sitwell, Bonesy, DAP, ft. Ramon

Amor Nostalgico is a new single/video from Sitwell, Bonesy, DAP, also featuring Ramon. Anime visuals combine with soulful music to create a beautifully emotive ambiance. The vocals are particularly impressive, with their soft, melodic expressiveness balancing against the robust backing music. The singer’s voice really has a nice range.You really have to hear how well constructed this mix is. It’s refreshing that it isn’t packaged with a lot of hype or flashy aesthetics. The song retains its innocence while at the same time delivering high quality, almost meditative experience. The recording features a subtle “noise” effect which gives it a retro, analog feel. Amor Nostalgico delivers sonically, visually and emotionally. Great stuff.

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