Joining the Club


So out of nowhere today I had something great to review. As I get older, I frequently get depressed because it seems like the indie pop and indie rock scene has kind of disappeared.  The pretentious artsy and cultish zines of the past that I used to love seem to be nowhere to be found.  Most indie music blogs today focus more on stuff like EDM and hip hop. With that in mind, it’s great to know that creative and incredible avant garde acts still exist. I’m just apparently too out of touch to know where their parties are.

Anyhow one of those groups that are making great new jams is “Kasket Club,” which consists of two guys that began working on music together in 2012. The duo is from Norway, so maybe I just need to finally bite the bullet and migrate back to Europe. Kasket Club combines acoustic instruments with electronic beats to create a flawless and positively energizing sound. They kind of remind me of some of the indie bubblegum pop bands of the 90s like Majestic, only with more electronic and synthy influences…somewhat resembling contemporary groups such as Magic Wands.

Kasket Club has a new EP called “The King of Cool and the Acrobat.” The first song, “Straight West” was a great choice to open with at it sets the mood with peppy and the kind of ultra catchy melodies you normally only get from television commercial jingles My other favorite song on the EP is “They Don’t Mind,” which has some radical grooves.  The whole thing has a definite chillwave vibe,  but slightly more fast paced than any actual chilling would involve.  I’d recommend you support these guys, because their music is awesome, and I enjoyed it enough to write a longer review than I normally would.


Love Ain’t a Prize

Donica_Knight__Love_Aint_a_Prize_cover (1)

Donica Knight is a country singer/songwriter from Montgomery, Alabama.  She has an awesome voice. Unlike most contemporary recordings, her songs aren’t loaded up with autotune and other effects. Donica’s genuinely a talented singer. Her music has a classic southern feel to it combined with modern production quality and energy level.

Here’s Donica Knight’s new video for her single release ” Love Ain’t A Prize” set for release Nov 1st, 2015.  The video  was produced and directed by Noel Maitland and composed by Donica Knight, Jim Huff and Chris Vos.

Otonana Trio – The Lost Ramen Generation


Here’s an extremely creative and unique Japanese funk jam from a band called “Otonana Trio.” The song is called “All They Wanted and All They Need.” The video contains some psychedelic elements, combined with some entertainment and humor. It must be seen to fully appreciate the aesthetic. Words can’t really describe it. Their album is called, “The Lost Ramen Generation.”  The Otonana Trio is set to tour the US. Their first appearance in the states will be Oct 21st in Victoria, TX.



I can usually tell within the first 10 seconds of listening to something whether I’m going to like it or not, and in the case with STV (Steve Counts) I already made up my mind it was great in even less time than that.  “Suburban Function,” the opening song on his cleverly titled album “VCR,” is a terrific indie pop song. It doesn’t really do it justice to call it indie pop though, since the production quality is as a higher level than what you’d expect from this style of music. The chimey, xylophone like intro hooks you right into the song. The vocals are excellent, and this is just an all around well crafted song by an obviously talented individual.

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