Nemizzo – Stardust


Stardust is a new single from Nemizzo, a producer, artist and sound engineer based in Montpellier, France. The track is part of an upcoming project called Homemade Mixtape. Featuring a sparkling and groovy backbeat, Stardust has an avant garde and retro feel. Nemizzo’s delivery is intimate and flavorful. He shows a bit of a softer and lighthearted side here, while still keeping the action fresh and lively. An impressive and versatile rapper on his own, he also makes use of some trippy vocal effects that give the song an experimental, ethereal edge, truly in the spirit of a DIY indie project.

The audio quality is solid, even though the mix is intentionally organic and low key. This jam is definitely fun to listen to, but I highly recommend checking out the video to experience the full effect. It features old school VHS-style visuals, some spaced out graphics and footage of a totally legit looking home studio. The editing is excellent and Nemizzo gives an entertaining performance for the camera. A worthy and original effort, Stardust offers a sneak preview of more cool things to come from this up and coming artist.

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Fam Band – Weehee (Past Lives)


Weehee (Past Lives) is a new single from Ohio-based indie duo, Fam Band. The lavender colored cover definitely suits the song’s mystical undertones. I’ve reviewed a number of releases from this band, and this one if my favorite so far. The chorus “Weehee!” is just so catchy (and the singer really nails those high notes). The best part though is the psychedelic bridge toward the end of the track, which is ultra aesthetic and spiritually satisfying.

Seriously this song is a hit. It’s tough to pin down what genre this music is. It blends elements of folk, Americana, and rock, with a hint of twang. The lyrics are delivered rather soulfully, with style and personality. You can tell these guys are just loving every minute of performing this. The mix is of the minimalist variety, capturing the spirit of the “open road” ambiance of the song. The guitars are robust though and provide an ample ecosystem for the vocals to thrive in. Weehee (Past Lives) is one of the best indie songs of the year. If you are a connoisseur of high quality indie rock, Fam Band should definitely be on your radar (if they are not already).

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Dar.Ra – Rise Like the Sun


Rise Like The Sun is a new single from London-based singer/songwriter, Dar.Ra. One of the most prolific artists of 2020, Dar.Ra is back with yet another epic entry before ringing in the new year. The rock track has a bit of a Latin flavor to it,blending horns, guitars and various misc instruments to create an exotic sound. As usual, Dar.Ra’s vocal performance is lush with enthusiasm and charisma. He belts out the lyrics with such passionate intensity that you know he means every word.

The song serves as both a personal aspiration in inspirational anthem, as the life-sustaining power of the sun represents an ideal for those who seek to overcome their darkest struggles and thrive in a spectacular fashion. Ascend from the ashes into something bigger, bolder and brighter in 2021. Of course, Dar.Ra subtly weaves in religious and spiritual references, which enhance the song’s mystique and move things beyond the realm of the strictly material. He’s not talking about finally getting an expensive, shiny new car or something, but rather, conquering his personal demons and rising up as a human being.

Musically, the song is complex and orchestrated to perfection. It’s really a major label caliber release, both in terms of production quality and instrumental precision. Dar.Ra has the most difficult task in that his singing must live up to such incredible backing music. Somehow, he manages to rise to the occasion and deliver a stellar performance, which is kind of amazing. He could have chosen to play it safe by including just a few sparse vocal phrases, and let the music carry the song. That would have been a betrayal of the song’s theme though. I’m glad he took the more courageous artistic route. It ultimately makes the song that much more powerful and real.

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Nemizzo X Santa Sallet – 2020

2020 V3000

2020 is a new single from hip hop artists, Santa Sallet and Nemizzo. Featuring a retro-futuristic, video game-like beat, this collaborative effort captures the wild spirit of what has been a truly epic year. The chorus is super catchy, and any hip hop song that incorporates UFOs into the lyrics can’t possibly go wrong.

Nemizzo’s lively and action packed delivery juxtaposes synergistically with Santa Sallet’s usual cool and businesslike deliberation. Musically, the melodic synths electrify the senses, and the mix is chaotically good. 2020 is lush with hot party vibes from start to finish. This jam is being released just in time to be a dance floor sensation at the New Year’s Eve ball.

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Geo Sandino – Hard Times


Hard Times is a new single from hip hop artist, Geo Sandino. He was born in Atlanta but apparently raised in Knoxville, TN. His delivery style on this track is confident, competent and charismatic. He really does have a “take charge” flow that drives the action. Geo Sandino also maintains exquisite timing at an impressive pace. He doesn’t miss even a fraction of a beat or ever seem to need to come up for air.

The song blends in melodic and soulful music, giving the track a sentimental backdrop that elevates the emotional power level. While Geo Sandino’s rhyming skills are enough to stand on their own, what makes the song interesting is that it’s put together artistically and with genuine style. The man has good taste, and you can tell he really does put his heart into his music. There’s a coherent aesthetic vision here, and it works.

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Homicide Doll – Falling From the Top of a Building (15)

Falling From the Top of a Building is a new single from Homicide Doll, an artist based in Oxnard, California. Featuring a relatively minimalist sound which blends elements of acoustic, spoken word, and hip hop, the track is thick with emotional depth, sensitivity and brutal honesty. It deals with very personal issues like suicidal thoughts, love, yearning and mental anguish in a way that’s genuine and will resonate with people who have every experienced these feelings. The song really conveys an accurate depiction of the struggle of living through various setbacks and depressive situations, especially in the way we really do just have to “fake” like we’re okay sometimes and just go through the motions.

Musically, the mellow acoustic backing is pleasantly melodic. Despite the heavy subject matter, Homicide Doll’s voice is quite enjoyable to listen to. His naturally deep tone seems ideally suited for this style of confessional delivery. I also recommend checking out his other recent track, Feed on the Innocent, which has a similar vibe but is more hip hop oriented and contains a comparatively rugged, higher intensity beat.

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Ric – Steady (Feat. Los)


Steady is a new single from San Diego-based artist, Ric. This collaborative effort also features the talents of another artist with a 3-letter moniker, “Los.” The backing music is surreal and downright theatrical, much more advanced musically than what one expects with indie hip hop jams. It also features a crisp beat, that really gives the sound a robust and healthy crunch. The delivery style is engaging and against the musical backdrop. It does indeed “pack a punch,” but there are also some chill and laid back moments. The two artists have different voices, which makes for great synergy and enhances the conversational dynamic of the lyrical exchanges.

The title is actually appropriate, as the pacing is methodical and deliberate. There’s plenty of balance and discipline in the song’s progression Steady works as a club or party track, yet it has a reflective and meditative quality as well. It’s very hypnotic. I expect we’ll be hearing more from these artists in the future. Definitely some potential here.


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Las Cafeteras – Georgia on My Mind


Georgia on My Mind is a “Spanglish” cover version of the classic Ray Charles song. Performed by LA band, Las Cafeteras, it’s intended to be an anthem for the upcoming Georgia runoffs and promote voter participation. Having already amassed 70,000 views on youtube, the video for this jam is pretty impressive. It features some excellent photography and a vintage Ford Mustang convertible (which is in pristine condition).

The song is a creative and interpretation, putting a truly original spin on a familiar track. In a performance that’s joyous and lush with enthusiasm, somehow these guys seem to make the genre-blended sound work. The music is very professional, and the vocals measure up to the legacy of the song. The overall vibe is upbeat and positive, as the artists are hoping to “get voters dancing all the way to the polls in Georgia.”

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BOSS LADY T – Mississippi Runner


Mississippi Runner is a new single from Mississippi-born hip hop artist, Boss Lady T. The backing beat is slick and jazzy, featuring a catchy piano melody that reminds me a bit of the classic Dragnet theme song. Boss Lady T’s delivery style is quick-witted, and she holds nothing back in her performance. She blends charisma, attitude and genuine rapping skills. The lyrics are rough and real. This is a lively jam that’s packed with thrills. Musically, it’s pretty hot, and Boss Lady T’s strong personality gives the song its commanding vibe. She recently won the Queen of The South Showcase in Picayune, Mississippi, and based on this recent track, I would expect more victories for this artist in the future.

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Ace Drucci – Watch the Crown Vol. II (14)

Watch the Crown Vol. II is a new EP from hip hop artist, Ace Drucci. This album is crisp and professional, It features impressive lyrical choreography and a fresh, punchy mix. Ace Drucci’s deep voice and commanding presence resonates throughout. He has a quick-witted, no-nonsense and snappy style that always keeps the action moving. The songs contain appearances from numerous guest artists, including lamme, Blue Da_artist, and London Blu. Their presence spices things up with some variety and adds a conversational dynamic into the mix.

It’s worth noting that Ace Drucci also makes effective use of various vocal effects, creating crafty echoes that themselves become components of the beat. The songs all have surreal and attention grabbing, synth driven intros that set the stage for when Ace Drucci lowers the boom with his entry. Ultimately, Watch the Crown Vol. II is a compact and straightforward hip hop release, packed with solid jams.

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