DJMSK – Class Clown

Class Clown is a new single from artist, DJMSK. Despite the title, this jam is no joke. Featuring a methodically booming, synth back beat, the song is intriguing and ambient. DJMSK employs a stream of consciousness delivery style as he reflects on his experiences being labeled a “class clown” in school. Of course, the song is ultimately about how people change, and the narrator (assuming the lyrics are autobiographical) expresses his determination to overcome his past and not be pushed back into the person he once was. He is ambitious and going places, he assures the listener.

One of the great things about this track is that the title leads you to believe it might be a goofy hip hop song. Instead, we’re treated to a personal, diary-like monologue that is both engaging and itself a successful fulfillment of the artist’s desire for people to begin to take him seriously.

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