Sakis Gouzonis – Amazing Space


Sakis Gouzonis is a Greek, electronic music composer, and “Amazing Space” is his 10th studio album. The songs are all instrumental and would be suitable as both intelligent dance tracks, but I could see myself listening to this while on a long, late night drive out of town. It provides an energetic spacey ambiance, but one that you could “think” to as well as dance to. My favorite song on the album is “Into the Stars” which is reminiscent of some of the more epic tracks from classic video games like Final Fantasy VI.

NYKOBANDZ – “Lift Off”


New Orleans based rapper Nyko Bandz has a new video out for his jam, “Lift Off.” It unexpectedly features a cute little dog in the opening. The song itself showcases Nyko’s unique and somewhat unconventional delivery style helps to distinguish him from other similar rappers. The strategic repetition of certain lines such as “I feel like Rick Ross. I’m about to lift off” combined with the slow, deliberate and methodical beat give the song almost a hypnotic quality. Pretty solid video from a rapper with a memorable brand.

Mildred Pierce / Millard Filmore

“Mildred Pierce / Millard Filmore” is a song from the DIVINATION album. It begins with a cover of Mildred Pierce by Sonic Youth and then continues into Millard Filmore which is an arrangement of the notes in Mildred Pierce in reverse order. The video is a variation on the Alice in Wonderland story with a twist on the relationship between the White Rabbit and Alice.

Big Chris – Bad Timing

Big Chris is back with an album titled, “Bad Timing.” In addition to some smooth RnB vocals, these new tracks contain more of the quality synth work that has become a staple of his songs. The synth backing often creates the impression at first that you might be listening to a high energy, radical 80’s dance jam. Then the light hip hop / RnB singing kicks in and you get a sense of the eclectic mix. The combination of groovy, seemingly retro styled dance tracks with Big Chris’s smooth and assertive lyrical delivery give these songs an original style. Big Chris has carved out his own niche here and continues to develop himself as a true artist.