YNG Brady – Fatties In the Club


Fatties In the Club is a new single from Minnesota-based artist, YNG Brady. This up and coming performer has a number of releases under his belt and is set to publish his EP/first mixtape. His recent single Fatties In the Club offers fans a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. The song blends elements of country and hip hop, and (as you can probably tell by the title) incorporates plenty of humor as well. Please note that while this particular jam is largely a “joke” track, YNG Brady also does chill rap and hard rap songs that are of a more serious nature and isn’t limited to this particular style. What makes this song work is that he parodies all sorts of recognizable country and redneck cliches (“covered up in muck,” “hop in my truck” etc) yet combines them with a reverence for plus-size women.

The lyrics are made catchy by the vocal delivery and structure. I would actually say that I could see this song going viral (and the artist attracting some hate mail from humorless people) just from the title alone. It’s definitely one of those “stupid” songs that everyone loves to sing along with, which is exactly what its intended to be. Musically, YNG Brady demonstrates some excellent songwriting ability. If you check out some of his more straightforward songs like Too Many you’ll find that he’s a genuinely versatile performer and can produce “legit” works when he feels like it. This guy is super fun and talented. I have no doubt that his upcoming EP will be good.

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NO HOOK is a new single from MOKO FOURLOKO, a hip hop artist based in the iconic Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, NY. The track features an intense and attention grabbing synth intro, and MOKO FOURLOKO quickly gets right into the action. He has a frantic-paced, no-nonsense delivery that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the duration of the song (which also incorporates the talents of Rikothereaper and London Glo). The flow of all participants is on point. NO HOOK is only two-minutes and sixteen seconds long but manages to pack in a lot of heat. The synth-driven backing has a powerful vibe, like that of an action sequence in a horror or urban adventure movie. This is a solid single, with robust performances that don’t waste a moment of their allotted time.

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Yhung.Sammy – Broken (ft.Perish)


Broken is a new single from Hayward, California-based artist, Yhung.Sammy. With his latest song having already nearly hit 20k views on Youtube, Yhung.Sammy is quickly establishing himself as one of the primary up and coming artists in the city of Hayward. Musically, Broken isn’t easy to classify, as it blends elements of hip hop, pop, emo, chillwave and various other genres. Featuring some slick guitar riffs, an ambient beat, vocal layering and a rap interlude, the song manages to pack a satisfying sound variety and complete narrative into its brief, two-minute runtime. The ambiance is mellow and—as the title suggests—the lyrics express an endearing level of emotional openness. Yhung.Sammy has released several singles already, just in 2020. If he keeps releasing notably creative music at this prolific pace, not only Hayward but the rest of California may begin to take notice.

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Ray Chillout – Petra


Petra is a new single from 23-year-old French speaking composer, Ray Chillout. He specializes in EDM/ambient house music and began his music career in 2019. Ray also created the #petrachallenge on Tik Tok, in relation to his song, Petra. It has amassed 2 million views on the platform.

Musically speaking, the song is impressive and I must admit I enjoy the style much more than “standard” house music. The beat has a bouncy, retro-futuristic quality. It actually reminds me of 80s synth-pop, with its emotional intensity and polished, action oriented sound. The female vocals are soft, mesmerizing and have an avant-garde edge. Petra definitely captures the urban nightlife ambiance with all its intimate, hypnotic energy and shadowy, uncertain atmosphere. This is a very high quality release. It’s hard to even believe that Ray Chillout has only been making music professionally since 2019. If I hadn’t known, I would have assumed this came from an established independent or major label. With this song making the rounds on Tik Tok and other social media sites, it won’t be long before it becomes widely recognizable among people of a certain age.

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Chito Boii – See It Thru ft Mac Nenny


See It Thru is a new single from hip hop artist, Chito Boii. He cites Trill Will as being a mentor and was inspired by artists like Boosie, Webbie, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, e40, and 2pac. The song is essentially an anthem of struggle, hard work and perseverance, as overcoming obstacles in life and “seeing things through” seem to animate the artist’s passions. Chito has an intense and no-nonsense delivery style. He comes across as very focused and determined. The backing music has a fresh, “chimy” rhythm, and the bass is crisp. I was only listening to this on my laptop, but I could tell if this jam was cranked up in the car, the beat would have a cozy boom to it. Family is obviously very important to Chito and the center of his struggle. He refers to the music he makes as being “pain music,” not painful to listen to obviously but more along the lines of facing, dealing with and overcoming pain. See It Thru is motivational, passionate and well-produced.

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Fox in Oil – Wanna Fly


Wanna Fly is a new single from Fox in Oil, a singer/songwriter based in a small corner of northern Russia. this groovy, dynamic and retro-futuristic track has an energizing bounce and tantalizing pop flavor. The synth-driven musical backing blends elements of R&B, future-disco and pop to create a stylish and satisfying sound. The mix is rich and melodic. Fox in Oil is also a highly skilled vocalist, and when she belts out the lyrics she reveals the true power-level of her voice. This isn’t your typical, generic and light pop song. It’s actually kind of electrifying. With a song titled Wanna Fly one would expect that listening to this jam would induce a state of euphoria, and on that account it certainly delivers. This is a solid and worthy single, with global appeal. There’s a lot of talent here.

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Charlie Christmas – Spotty Coverage

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Spotty Coverage is a new EP from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Christmas. As the title coyly implies, the songs included are all covers of famous hits. Tracks ranging from Our House to You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet will be instantly recognizable to anyone older than a zoomer and who hasn’t been living in a bomb shelter for the last 50 years. The angle here is that these songs are given a bit of indie, avant-garde flair. For example, Our House incorporates some robust guitars and almost takes on a pop punk quality. Musically, Charlie absolutely does the original songs justice, as he captures the essence of the sounds you know and love, while delivering them in a form like you’ve never heard them before. The standout track on the album is I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. The fast paced and authentically twangy instrumentals are performed to meticulous perfection, and the song left me wholly impressed. It also has an organic, “earthy” feel and the genuine expressiveness in Charlie’s vocals elevates the song into something beyond a mere “cover” tune. He makes it his own. Nothing spotty about this EP. It’s a good one.

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UTE – Happiness Together


Happiness Together is a new single from singer/songwriter, UTE. This sentimentally uplifting anthem features bright, melodic guitar tones, delicate piano and soft spoken vocals. Cultivating a spirit of togetherness and a celebration of the positive aspects of human relationships, the song is truly heartwarming. UTE is an excellent singer, and her voice has an emotionally intimate quality, reminiscent of classic adult contemporary artists like Yvonne Elliman and Karen Carpenter. The backing music has a mellow, jazzy feel and induces a subtle state of euphoria with its quiet power. Production quality is extremely professional and the mix is sonically pleasing.

Lyrically, the song emphasizes the notion of togetherness by consistent declarations like “I’m the one for you” and “you’re the one for me” as well as expressions of hopefulness regarding the future. As such, Happiness Together is overwhelmingly centered around positivity and optimism. This is a celebratory track that is certain to people who have found love and companionship at last and are primed to start looking forward to a future together. It also captures the sense of adventure and excitement one feels at the beginning of a new relationship. The authenticity and romantic purity in this jam is off the charts. The positive and somewhat reassuring message is highly relevant in these tumultuous times we live in.

Happiness Together has already surpassed 1 million plays on youtube. UTE is a prolific artist with a plethora of respectable releases in her catalog, most of which incorporate inspirational themes. You should also keep an eye out for the documentary Music Makes Me Fly, which goes into depth about her incredible story as well as her passion for making music. The concept of the “journey” seems to be a recurring motif in her music, both symbolically and literally. It’s clear from Happiness Together and her other songs, that UTE loves the journey of life and delightfully revels in all that it has to offer.

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Philly Blocks – Mr. 17th

front Cover

Mr. 17th is a new EP from Louisville-based artist, Philly Blocks. Interestingly, each track on this 6-song release lists a different producer, yet the album maintains a consistent, coherent sound throughout. The synth driven beats have an engaging intensity, while a mellow, laid back ambiance appears here and there. Philly Blocks’ delivery is passionate and formidable. The songs are rich with autobiographical narrative and storytelling as Philly Blocks waxes nostalgic in tracks like Clinton Era (my personal favorite on the release). Another jam worthy of mention is Movie, where he combines forces with fellow artist, Cino Fresh. Philly Blocks makes use of creative structuring in his songs, and the layers of sound and backup vocals come at you hot from multiple angles. This is a good “party” album with a lot of vivacious energy, but there is an underlying sentimentality and substance to it all. Be sure and follow Philly Blocks on Twitter and IG to keep up to date with his musical endeavors.

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Woazy – Grow Up


Grow Up is a new single from Alexandria, VA-based hip hop artist, Woazy. Woazy has a decent flow and youthful delivery, while his lyrics are clever, catchy and engaging. Featuring a mellow, end of summertime vibe, the ambiance is chill. The pacing is still has enough juice to where you can dance to this jam if you’re in the mood. I really enjoy the beat, which has a very old school and pleasant tone. It really frames the track nicely and matches Woazy’s reflective, stream-of-consciousness style. Grow Up takes some creative twists and turns, incorporating some rather choice snippets and samples about 3/4 of the way through the song. Woazy has a lot of releases under his belt. He has a memorable name, and his authentic and unassuming demeanor will win over audiences who prefer enjoyable, artistic songs over superficial hype.

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