IF IT BLEEDS IT DIES – Prophesied – EP


Prophesied is a new EP from Oklahome metal outfit, IF IT BLEEDS IT DIES. The songs have delightfully demonic vibes. A fast and deliberate drum beat combines with authoritative guitars to deliver a classic metal sound. The tone is unapologetically dark, sucking the listener deep into the hellish vortex we all yearn for. Suffice to say, these guys are pretty talented and have a solid grasp on the genre. The vocals are reminiscent of the evil djinn character in the Wishmaster film series. With track titles like Blasphemous and Black Heart, you get the idea. As I’ve come to expect with metal musicians, the members play their instruments with meticulous precision and don’t cut corners. The doomsday ambiance isn’t holding them back from putting on a good clean show. Overall, I found Prophesied to be strangely energizing and hypnotic, kind of like a loud musical seance. IF IT BLEEDS IT DIES is a band that has definitely summoned something with this crisp release.

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Asher Laub – Neon Dreams


Neon Dreams is a new single from Long Island based electric violinist and artist, Asher Laub. The song impressively combines elements of classical and EDM in a way that I’ve not quite ever seen done before. This surreal instrumental feat dazzles and amazes from start to finish. With the pace alternating from quiet and contemplative to high octane pulsepounding, this track takes the listener on a precision tooled melodic roller coaster ride. This jam is an excellent avant garne pop example of what a classicial musician can produce if they infuse a little creativity into their projects. Asher Laub is a performer who has found his niche.

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Midxnite – Emotionless


Emotionless is a new single from Phoenix based R&B pop artist Midxnite. His style combines elements of hip hop, R&B and traditional South Asian melodies. Despite the title, the song does in fact deal with emotions and longing. With it’s measured pacing and quietly passionate lyrics, the track delves into the struggle of trying to repair a troubled relationship. Emotionless reads like a personal love letter that the artist has chosen to share with everyone, and we the listeners play the role of spectators wondering just how it will all turn out. You’ve got to hand it to Midxnite for being willing to lay it all out there and creating such a sincere and thoughtful song. The subject matter is also something many of us will find relatable.

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St Geo – STEAM


STEAM is a new album from hip hop artist “St Geo.” His mellow pace and articulate delivery style channels the spirit of the golden age of 90’s hip hop greats. The music has a very old school vibe that’s solid on fundamentals. Lyrically, St. Geo dives into deep depths exploring contemporary social issues and his personal experiences with social isolation. The songs don’t just consist of rapping though. There’s occasionally R&B style singing intertwined in the content. All around, there’s a lot of substance packed into STEAM. My favorite jam on this album is probably Strobe Light, with its ambient beat and an excellent emotive performance.

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OneUp Duo – Let Me Come Home

jerome bell

Let Me Come Home is a new single from OneUp Duo, a musical pairing (and real life couple) recently known for appearing on season 15 of The Voice. The largely minimalist pop song is piano driven on the backend and fronted by some incredibe vocal performances. It’s easy to see how these guys secured a spot on The Voice. As someone who has reviewed a zillion indie artists, the skill level on display here really stands out. Setting aside the technical aspect, the lyrics are delivered with intense passion and emotion. The group has a marketable backstory, but that only gets you so far. Fortunately, the vocal talent these guys have should take them the rest of the way.

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Forest Robots – Times When I Know You’ll Watch the Sky


Times When I Know You’ll Watch the Sky is a new album from Forest Robots (the musical project of Fran Dominguez), scheduled to be released offically on November 1, 2019. However, you can pre-order it on Bandcamp here.

For those unfamiliar with Forest Robots’s style, it basically combines elements of orchestral futurist music (synthwave, etc) with the organic ambiance of nature in various forms. In opting for seasonal themes, the first two albums dealt with spring and summer. while the latest, Times When I Know You’ll Watch the Sky, pays homage to fall. The songs on this album typically feature a brisk and breezy analog style intro that often sounds somewhere in between record player crackle and a gust of forest wind. It’s a highly effective precursor to when the beat kicks in and envelops you in the enchanted musical ambiance.

When most people think of “nature” music, they imagine new age style stuff that you would hear playing in the background at a store that sells incense and crystals. This isn’t like that. It’s not mellow meditation music. It’s fun, upbeat and you can dance to most of these jams. Yet, the vibe is still cerebral enough to where you could enjoy some contemplative reflection if that’s what you’re looking to get out of it.

Another way this album plays against type is with it’s focus on the sky and the stars. Though the theme is autumn, you won’t find cliches about pumpkin spice and raking leaves. The titles of the tracks mostly relate to the moon, the sun, the rain etc. The emphasis is on what’s happening in the sky (and beyond). This keeps with the space/futurist/nature combination that’s central to the artist’s brand. The tracks are all instrumental of course, so the titles serve as clues to what is being conveyed.

The more I listen to it, the more I think this album would work well as a soundtrack to some kind of role playing adventure video game that takes place in a forest and mountain setting. Bright, lively and emotive, the songs also have an eerie and suspenseful component to them (Of Rivers And Rivers Of Light being a good example of this). All in all, this album is an avant garde and refined near-masterpiece that has me looking forward to what’s in store for winter.

I should also mention that there’s an accompanying film being released in tandem with this album, titled All Things Grow Faint With Great Adorn In Autumn. I recommend viewing it for the full listening experience. Influenced by the work of David Lynch and Salvidor Dali, the surreal visualizations supplied will allow your mind to dive deeper into the music for those who are willing to go there.

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Website: https://www.forestrobots.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forestrobots/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forestrobots/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/forestrobots

Los Angeles Artist Wil Key is Traveling Around the World to Record an Album

Amsterdam Session
Artists Wil Key and Romy Dya in Amsterdam

Globetrotter:Side B is an upcoming album from Los Angeles based soul artist, Wil Key. What’s notable about this project is that it’s being recorded all around the world. Just imagine the film Around the World in 80 Days but in this case it’s an artist recording an album in mumerous different countries with dozens of other artists. It’s not even the first time Wil Key has taken on such a monumental project. This is a follow up to Side A, which came out in 2018 and was recorded in 11 different countries. Globetrotter:Side B is set to feature well known artists like Ellene Masri, Romy Dya and many more. Each and every song will be recorded in a different country (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Africa and Japan just to name a few.) One has to admire Wil for having tenacity to orchestrate and follow through with this epic artistic undertaking (and for the second time at that.) Stay tuned for more info on this work in progress, and we’ll be anxious to get our hands on the album and review it when it comes out.


Speaker Child – High on Wheels

Speaker Child_1

High on Wheels is a new full length album from Seattle based hip hop artist, Speaker Child. The songs are surprisingly melodic, recapturing some of the musical magic of 90s west coast hip hop. Speaker Child’s mellow and laid back delivery is enjoyable to listen to, and he never loses his cool or sounds like he’s trying to prove something. Making use of a plethora of guest artists (both male and female) there’s a ton of variety on here, but it all keeps with the same vibe.

There’s just so much musical substance here, and the production cleverly incorporates “answering machine” style messages into certain jams, amplifying the retro feel of these recordings. The track Halfpipe Party is also filled with skateboarding references. People still skateboard of course, but the association between 90’s hip hop and skateboarding culture is iconic and will be recognizable to any 90s teenager. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes this album authetically phenomenal. Speaker Child achieves everything he sets out to do with this album. Polished and professional, High on Wheels is an instant classic.

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Elina Laivera – Alchemy


Alchemy is a new album from solo artist, Elina Laivera. Even if I hadn’t read her bio, it’s obvious from listening to these songs that Elina has had many years of musical training and vocal experience. She demonstrates a meticulous mastery of her craft. Avant garde and quietly sentimental, this album is brimming with class and stays above the fray, never descending into a cheap pop sound. She has a uniquely dynamic vocal delivery that really shows off her multi-octave range. Wisely, she keeps her voice at the forefront, where it drives these songs and defines their essence. The backing music is light and eclectic, almost minimalist but still containing enough variety to keep things fresh. Alchemy is a powerful album that delivers on every level.

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iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/alchemy/1481303180
Website: http://www.elinalaivera.com/
FB https://www.facebook.com/ElinaLaiveraOfficial

Clover 10585 – Normal


Normal is a new track from UK based hip hop artist, “Clover 10585.” His delivery blends well with the piano driven beat to create a theatrical, almost orchestral listening experience. The song is actually incredible, both from an avant garde and technical standpoint. Clover’s tone and speed both keep pace with the music as it builds and heightens in intensity throughout. You can sense very early on that he has a really high skill level and is very meticulous in his delivery. Normal is very professionally put together and musically it has a dramatic flair. I could see this song being used on a film soundtrack. It has one of the better beats I’ve heard on a hip hop song, and Clover 10585 makes the most of it, demonstrating excellent artistic vision and taking this jam exactly where it needs to go. I recommend checking out the rest of this artist’s EP, Sector 29.

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