DJMSK – Class Clown

Class Clown is a new single from artist, DJMSK. Despite the title, this jam is no joke. Featuring a methodically booming, synth back beat, the song is intriguing and ambient. DJMSK employs a stream of consciousness delivery style as he reflects on his experiences being labeled a “class clown” in school. Of course, the song is ultimately about how people change, and the narrator (assuming the lyrics are autobiographical) expresses his determination to overcome his past and not be pushed back into the person he once was. He is ambitious and going places, he assures the listener.

One of the great things about this track is that the title leads you to believe it might be a goofy hip hop song. Instead, we’re treated to a personal, diary-like monologue that is both engaging and itself a successful fulfillment of the artist’s desire for people to begin to take him seriously.

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Nature Unimposed – By Marie Helen

Nature Unimposed is a new poem from Los Angeles-based poet, Marie Helen Abramyan. An accomplished lyricist, songwriter and classically trained pianist, Marie Helen is also a member of the avant garde indie band, Lyrics of Two.

Her latest poem, Nature Unimposed, was inspired by a walk through her garden on a summer day. The last couple of years have undoubtedly been a stressful and tumultuous time for many people. Through observations and sensations Marie Helen experienced while venturing in the garden, she became reassured by the resilience of nature on full display. The poem’s positive theme relates to how nature finds its balance, and thrives (seemingly unfazed) under harsh circumstances.

Like a true lyricist, Marie Helen effectively utilizes rhyming patterns to create an enchanting cadence. This can be even better appreciated by listening to her reading of the poem. She really has an ideal voice for this kind of reading. It is both confident and sensitive. Nature Unimposed is a very well-crafted piece of poetry, with rich, descriptive verses that manifest exotic and vivid visual settings.

To baffled minds mounding thoughts, like sand dunes
Better days ahead, sing the sparrow’s tunes;

There is in fact, no line in this poem that is wasted. The mantra “better days ahead” recurs throughout, reinforcing the theme of optimism, positive reassurance and the inevitability of nature finding its way (and showing us the way) forward.

Alex Genadinik – Girl With A Pearl Earring Song

The release of Alex Genadinik’s Girl With A Pearl Earring Song comes at a timely moment, as the iconic Johannes Vermeer painting the track was inspired by recently made worldwide headlines when a couple of activists attempted to deface it in a museum. The song has nothing to do with those events however, and is in fact a beautiful and innocent homage to the painting’s female subject.

Crafting an elaborate narrative around the captivating girl and exploring her mystique, this folkish rock tune is sentimental and even somewhat romantic. It’s also a duet, with Emily Kay Shrader’s voice representing the girl’s perspective and inner monologue. Emily’s a lovely singer, and she believably brings the curious young woman’s “story” to life.

For his part, Alex Genadinik conveys an impressive degree of heartfelt sincerity in expressing his fascination with the girl with a pearl earring. He is not the first person to be enamored by this painting. It is famous for a reason, but when we listen to the song, we understand and in the process gain a greater appreciation for the girl.

Almost in a bashful way, this track is also relatable to any of us who may have developed sentimental feelings toward a video game character or even just someone on tv whom we would have no possibility of ever meeting or knowing. This is the song’s beautiful tragedy, how the girl in the painting evokes sentimental feelings from so many, and yet we will never truly have the chance to know her.

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