Giorgio Hofmann – Ready Now


Italian-Spanish born artist Giorgio Hofmann has a video out for his new track “Ready Now.” The production quality and artistic direction of the video is impressive (it was directed by Directed by Daniele Testi.) Some really great film making here. If you didn’t know any better, you would think this is a video for a major label release. Giorgio’s musical style is basically contemporary pop / club jams with some Italian flair and high fashion. He kind of reminds me of an Italian version of Marky Mark but with more class and a better wardrobe. There is a lot of energy in this music which is bound to attract people. This formula just works.

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Alma Rosae – 23


Alma Rosae has a new video out for her single “23.” It was produced by Kontrabandbeatz and is all set to appear on her upcoming EP “Wildchild Volume 1.” 23 is an assertive hip hop song. Alma displays her attitude throughout and makes it clear she doesn’t take shit from anyone, man or woman. She has an effective delivery style and genuine skills in the rhyming department. This is a solid hip hop single, and the Mickey’s neon sign in the background adds a nice aesthetic touch to the video, subtly reaffirming the ambiance.

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Kozie – Fly


Kozie’s new jam “Fly” manages to transcend genre classification. It has elements of EDM, light hip hop, pop and even alternative. I’m especially impressed with the beat, which has a bouncy superball on a summer day kind of vibe. The track is appropriately titled as the upbeat yet lighthearted energy of the song will put an extra spring in your step. The song’s groovy techno-psychedelic backing could actually make it as its own instrumental dance number. Despite the positivity, the lyrics deal with regret, lost time and reluctantly making the unselfish choice to let someone you love fly away, when you know you’re “wings are tied.” I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this music at first, but I was won over. “Fly” is very catchy, and Kozie’s willingness to tap into the vulnerable side of his emotions and explore themes of despair and humility, makes this song approachable and refreshing.

A Summer’s Beach Day By Marie Helen Abramyan


Known for her songwriting and poetry, Los Angeles based artist Marie Helen Abramyan is a creative force. Her poetry frequently explores seasonal themes. “A Summer’s Beach Day” is one such example of this. It’s an upbeat, optimistic poem which captures a the carefree and innocent ambiance of summertime at the beach. It takes you to those seemingly endless summers that make you forget about all the struggles of modern life.

A Summer’s Beach Day

By Marie Helen Abramyan

Unleashed, the sun’s glorious rays, blaze out from the summer’s blue sky, crystal clear

All year, it has saved it’s magnificent energy, to impress, at this time of year

Snow storms, are a distant memory, and there’s no cold weather, left to freight

Just long, hot, sun filled days, that gently roll into short, warm, starry nights

Leisurely beaches, wrapped with cool breezes, kissed by the bright sun

Welcome, lighthearted visitors, to make memories, for nostalgic fun

Fragrant warm winds, brushing the full leaves of the palm trees, as they sway

While rolling waves, keep busy, with joyous thundering clashes, on this sweltering day

The sweet aroma of watermelon, from picnics, fills the fresh, open, summer time air

As the iridescent sunset, colors the sky, with a crimson display, no other season can compare

Frolicking in the hot sand,wading the refreshing sea water, and soaking up the sunshine

Blissful, carefree, moments are scattered like seashells along the sprawling coastline

Delighted visitors of the beach,seeking respite, renew their energy with the sun’s power as the source

With the graciously, hospitable ocean serving as host, summer’s charm has come in full force

Marie Helen Abramyan’s poetry

The FVYDID Podcast – BRB Takeover Mix 39


The FVYDID Podcast is an EDM oriented podcast from the music collective of the same name. Episode 39 features Northern NJ based DJ “BRB” AKA Be Right Back. BRB Takeover Mix 39 describes itself as “an amazing multi genre mix all the way from New Jersey.” It’s an eclectic blend of bass, hip hop and EDM. It reminds me a lot of the high quality old school mixes of the early 90s, in that it manages to be relaxing and high energy at the same time. The middle 1/3 portion has a really groovy retro vibe and is probably my favorite part of the mix.

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Solo LaMaze – ooshewanparty (feat – Dj Khaled )


New hip hop track from DJ Khaled titled “ooshewanparty.” It’s a pretty straightforward party/club jam, though the track is interesting in that it incorporates a chimy backing, coming across almost like a rhythmic xylophone. It’s very hypnotic, which will effectively keep people on the dance floor entranced. Solo’s delivery and energy is consistent throughout in a solid performance.

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Lyrics Of Two – Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home


“Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” is a delightfully delicate indie pop release from the Los Angeles  based band “Lyrics of Two.” The band was founded by poet and songwriter Marie Helen Abramyan. The  song deals with universal humanist themes conveyed emotively by the singer.  The sound is refreshingly  organic and doesn’t contain any of the unnecessary electronic sound design or overprocessing that is so rampant in much of contemporary pop and even indie music. This release is a fine example of how substance and emotion provide a more fulfilling  experience for the listener than a vapid track dressed up in slick packaging. It’s true for me anyway.

It’s easy to see how Marie Helen’s poetry style translates over to songwriting as her poems are very rhythmic and well choreographed, with timed rhymes strategically placed throughout. Her poems tend to reflect on the changing seasons.  Marie is a busy bee on many fronts and just completed a children’s book titled “The Rhyming Tales Of The Helpful Friends And The Garden Show.” I recommend checking it out even if you don’t have children. Everyone should take the time to recapture a bit of childhood innocence once in a while.

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Guest Actors – By Demand


By Demand
is a new track from an alternative indie rock band called “Guest Actors.” The song is from their upcoming debut LP Under Those Silent Skies, which is set to be released in October. Production wiseBy Demand has a delightfully full sound and is very well layered and mixed. The singer’s voice evokes a lot of emotion and dazzles with vibrato near the climactic portion of the song. The backing instrumental performance is very tight and cohesive, while the overall ambiance conjurs up a kind of “rainy day at the coffee shop” vibe. A romantic song which begins and ends quietly, By Demand houses an epic middle filled to the brim with bright musicality.

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