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Doojzie Seeks to Ignite a Worldwide Spark for Humanity

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G8 Intellectual

Prince proclaims “Systemic racism is programmed by past reigns still current to this day, We
cant get over our perceptive indifference while we continue getting cracked by the teachers
whip incarcerating our conscious towards the soul so unique”

The aspiring monarch OMG proclaimed he has suffered the conception which is spread through
hate descending from the shear brutality of class ratings from the evolution of mankind and the suffering enforced by patriarchs throughout generations leading to this day!

Doojzie continued to explain how he has met people whom see him as he seen himself on the
outside and that body from which has been built upon the blood and music supporting the
heroes that bought his right to speak himself clearly today.

“I owe those men my life and will carry my BBB as the dubh dubh until my reign rises above the onslaught society has cast upon the correct path in which we are all suppose meet death in grace not as a directive”

The Prince continues to tell how some people see him as a pure embedded body that should
have been rotten in the graveyard at this stage in his life, Doojzie maintains his way with the natural being of existence has made him along with the G8 council a reign too be obeyed
although they like to welcome any confrontation upon principalities in open conference!
Preaching he has had the time of his life with those people because they understand he is a
unique like no other unless initially creating formidable Peace for the youth that follow Irish / English culture.

“This is our Eire to be politely handed the keys for, I am not worried about the consequences as they are not mine too handle, Only scars!”

We here at G8 think one mans rebellious ways can spark that worldwide appreciation for either a never ending legend or a martyr as the conspiracy would foretell!


Sheenique B – 2 Years


2 Years is a new single from Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Sheenique B. This track goes a little deeper than the average indie pop song, as Sheenique B reflects on a lengthy “on and off” relationship she had with a girl while she was in college. Her vocal delivery is touchingly sincere and sentimental, and the minimalist mix really allows the listener to experience the heartfelt sensitivity at full capacity.

Unlike most contemporary music, 2 Years has an innocent quality to it. It’s very personal and almost feels like a diary entry or letter in audio form. Sheenique B can sing rather well, but more importantly her voice fits well with this style. This is as real as it gets. Sheenique B also understands how artistic expression can be therapeutic and help people both heal from and celebrate their past experiences.

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A Glimpse Into the The Expanse


I recently viewed all four series of The Expanse, in toto, in a matter days; I played it at 1.5-2x speed and skipped all the boring parts: indulgent sex scenes, bickering, screaming and yelling, prolonged phases of general inactivity, revolting sentimentality and moralising, etc (it’s the same policy I take with nearly all TV). I get the sense that it was going mostly for the character-study mode of storytelling, which is kind of the opposite of what most science fiction tries to do and seems to play much better with mainstream audiences than the alternative: i.e. a focus on setting, ideas, and world, which is what I prefer. And as a character study, it was compelling, and I was genuinely invested in the characters’ lives and histories, so the series definitely has that much going for it even though I prefer the “worldbuilding first” style of fiction. I guess the ideal story, which would please both the mainstream and literary types, has a balance of both approaches; nothing immediately comes to mind, though.

In high fantasy stories, there are really no rules except internal consistency; the rules are all your own. But with science fiction stories, which generally purport to be concerned with the future of the actual world, there is a far greater need for realism, which is why sci-fi authors brag about the alleged realism of their stories, why so-called realistic stories are afforded greater prestige in general, and why fans get pissed off when you point out to them that their beloved stories don’t make sense – even if they claim that lack of realism does not bother them. Of course, most of these authors, and screenwriters in this case, are only interested in making their worlds seem realistic to the minds of their average viewer, which I’m obviously not, and that is in part why, over the years, as I have learned more about the world, I enjoy science fiction less and less. Realism to me means that the underlying assumptions of the story, vis a vis technology, have a probability of occurring that can at least be argued for (say, 20%), and the sociological consequences of the technology are what one would actually expect to happen.

So, as to the issues with the setting that immediately jumped out at me. You’re told within the first few minutes of S01E01 that this is a world centuries in the future in which “water is more valuable than gold,” which is already bizarre: why? Water is the second most common molecule in the universe, the solar system is surrounded by comets which are fucking loaded with the stuff, we know that there is water ice on Mars, more water on Jupiter’s moon Europa than there is on the entire Earth, etc. No answer to this is ever really forthcoming except that it’s the greedy evil corporations … or governments (it makes no odds either way) limiting who has access to water, and they’re apparently so hell-bent on doing this they are willing to waste money patrolling the solar system to ensure that no one gets water without their explicit say-so, thus artificially driving up prices. I’m not even going to bother looking up what the approximate volume of the Solar system is, or how many people or how much money this would take, but try to imagine an organisation putting artificial limits on who is or isn’t allowed to have sand across the entire face of the Earth, and they put so much effort into this that sand sells on the black market for 100 USD per gram. And if it were necessary to consume sand for survival, such artificial limits would be even more of a vain effort, quite obviously.

Automation and artificial intelligence is next to non-existent in the story, despite the fact that this was written in the 2010s and depicts a future centuries ahead, and they have nuclear fusion, the ability to fly between planets in a matter of hours or days, and are engaged in terraforming projects. How they manage to build spaceships kilometres in length and hundreds of meters in diameter is never really explained. If they do have automation, why do the major powers, Earth and Mars, need a human slave class in the form of the Belters (underclass humans living in the asteroid belt)? The Martians are obsessed with making Mars like a “second Earth.” Of course, the money that they’ve wasted trying to make a barren planet with barely any atmosphere and one-third Earth gravity habitable could have just been spent building habitats in space that would be far more liveable and have their own ecosystems on board. “Spin gravity” is treated as some miraculous technological leap, even though it’s fairly trivial to do and we know basically exactly how to do it now; you just need a counter weight to your space station to create the centrifugal force.

Nuclear fusion is the most commonly referenced source of energy, but apparently it hasn’t occurred to anyone in this world that the most obvious source of massive energy immediately at their disposal is the Sun: the Earth receives a pitiful fraction of the Sun’s light, harvests it with grim inefficiency, and even having a relatively small solar array orbiting the Sun would provide more energy than anyone could possibly know what to do with – among other things, it could be used to build interstellar probes, and facilitate much better material production (natural resources, etc), which is something people in this world seem completely obsessed with.

There are planetary governments, Earth and Mars, even though there is basically no precedent for anything like this in human history and no sign that it is ever going to happen. We live in a decentralised world with very little real central control, and there is no sign of people ever abandoning smaller forms of identity (race, ethnicity, nation, clan, etc) in favour of some amorphous bureaucratic identity like “Earther” or “Martian” which offers nothing to them. Why this is such a common “trope” in sci-fi, presumed to be almost inevitable apparently, is beyond me. Mars manages to support 3 billion people living under “domes” somehow, while the planet is, by their own admission, still barely habitable, and the Martians look like normal humans despite spending most of their time in sub-Earth g. There are numerous scenes of people walking around in what looks like 1g in situations where it should be impossible, e.g. Ganymede station. In some scenes they are wearing magnetic boots, but Ganymede’s surface is made of rock. Farming is done in bizarre locations like the moons of Jupiter and in the most inefficient way possible; apparently hydroponics and vertical farming haven’t made many strides in 300 years (or whatever).

The Belters speak some strange patois that sounds like the misbegotten child of Chinese accents and West African Creole despite the fact that none of them look like they came from those regions of the planet and everyone else speaks with a generic US accent, with very, very occasional smatterings of Chinese and French. The idea is presumably to make them seem “foreign” or more like an underclass, even though it doesn’t seem that they’re any more linguistically isolated than anyone else on the show and have constant exposure to English. Almost all of Earth’s population of 30 billion lives in poverty and lives off government handouts despite the fact that, again, you basically never see any AI kicking around, so it’s not clear where their jobs went, and since 30 billion doesn’t even come close to the Earth’s true human carrying capacity, there is no reason that they should have had a Malthusian collapse – fertility is regulated by the world government (descended from the UN apparently) to the point where wages ought to be rising if anything – considering that they have an economy that can build fleets of spaceships.

If you remember what I said at the start, you can still enjoy the show even with these problems in mind, and there are indeed fewer glaring scientific inaccuracies than in most sci-fi shows, but where it falls down is in the social realm: so many people praise this show for its alleged social realism. There’s probably more social realism in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.



Neva Had is a new track from Southern hip hop outfit, COUNTRY CUZZINS. This fresh track moves at a lighting quick pace, with impressive performances all around. Vocal delivery is tight with the beat, and you just get the sense these guys have spent years perfecting their craft the old fashioned way, just rhyming with their friends and working hard. Rather than flashy production, we’re treated to some genuine skill here. Lyrically, there’s a lot of talk about money (and plenty of it being thrown around). One nice thing about this song is that the rappers each have their own distinctive styles and voices, which gives things a multi-dimensional feel. The video for this jam has great quality footage and repeatedly features one of the coolest looking mini-marts I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

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NADROA – The Old Were Best


The Old Were Best is a new single from Norway-based band, NADROA. The sound blends elements of alternative, grunge and hard rock. A lot of bands label their music “alternative” but NADROA’s The Old Were Best comes about as close as you can get to the original, authentic ’90s alternative sound. Stylistically, the vocals fall somewhere in between Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and REM but with a little bit more of a gritty edge. The singer is quite good actually and seems to have the ideal tone for this genre of music. His voice is just oozing with that contemplative, anti-hero charisma. The guitars are full and hit the sweet spot of grunge distortion without going into crunch overload. Production is clean and competent but not overly polished or as theatrical as something like glam rock. Despite the nostalgic title and ominous reflections, this isn’t one of those slow and depressing alternative jams, as the guitar pacing is peppy and vibrant throughout. There’s enough action here to keep your adrenaline going as the song quietly stirs up old emotions from the inner depths.

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Alpha Cat – Mockingbird


Released on Aquamarine Records, Mockingbird is a single from Alpha Cat (the professional moniker of longtime indie icon Elizabeth McCullough). The song is from Alpha Cat’s current album, Thatched Roof Glass House and features a host of well- known, seasoned musicians with impressive credits. Just to give you an idea, it was recorded with the assistance of Fred Smith (Blondie and the band Television), guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer), Reggie McBride (Elton John) and Chris Butler (The Waitresses) on bass, Jason Harrison Smith (Albert Lee, Kelly Sweet, Ian Andersen), co-producer Jon Mattox and it was mastered by Brett (Cosmo) Thorngren.

Described as a “dreamy ode to individuality” Mockingbird has an organic and ethereal sound, with elements of indie folk and alternative. It’s refreshing to see such musical craftsmanship in an indie song. It’s like if you were to give a musical project “major label” level talent and excellent production values, and the track somehow managed to retain its sincere, artistic essence (while also sounding good). Bright vocals and sparkly, note bending guitars carry much of the action, but the drums are notable for their natural sound, a rarity in the age of heavily (over)processed backing beats. The singing on here is way more advanced than what one expects for this type of music. I mean, really just stellar vocals. There’s emotional depth, there’s passion, there’s sensitivity, etc. Don’t try this at home kids. Dealing with the subject of individuality and celebrating “being yourself,” Mockingbird presents these ideals in an empowering fashion, utilizing poetic and nature metaphors. These messages and motifs radiate beautifully throughout this recording, which aboves all bears the fruits of of artistic perseverance.


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Menes Rebazzar Kedar – Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy


Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy is a new album from New York based, artist, Menes Rebazzar Kedar. This multi-dimensional musical odyssey transcends traditional categorization, blending hip hop, soul, blues, electronic dance music and rock. The beats are often fast paced and futuristic, like something out of the Terminator, while Kedar’s vocals are dynamic and soulful. Some tracks like Ya Never Know give off a surprisingly groovy rock and roll vibe. Most of the songs have a high octane and spirited youthful energy, contrasted with a mellow intro or mid-track interlude. As a whole, Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy strikes me as a creative and imaginative epic, really a grand project that the artist put a lot of thought into.

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Revisiting Trey Wonder’s Lingering Ghost


It’s been exactly one year since Trey Wonder released the album The Ghost of My Father, (which was previously reviewed here.) The album has also reached another milestone, as it has racked up over a half a million streams on Spotify, which is an impressive feat for a rather personal, indie release. In the meantime, the prolific artist has been busy, managing to release four singles as the album continues to gain steam.

Trey Wonder - Bat

Trey’s blend of occasionally quirky lyrics intertwined with sincere themes within an organic musical components is a recipe for success. The songs are inherently catchy. They manage to retain an avant garde and poetic quality while keeping the musical music relevant and pleasing. The vocal ambiance reminds me a lot of Modest Mouse, casual and detached cool yet able to tap into sentimental emotion. Upon revisiting this album, I have to say upon revisiting this album, I especially enjoy the track, Building Up which is lively, melodic and features some radical tones. Another jam I didn’t pay much notice to the first time is the aptly titled My New Spine which seems to rock hard out of nowhere, after following the mellow opening track. Everything syncs up quite nicely and the sound is what you would call “tight.”

One year later, and the album is still going strong. I guess the goal will be to have people remember it in 10 or 20 years. If Trey continues to consistently crank out musical output of this caliber, people just might.

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Los Angeles Artist Wil Key is Traveling Around the World to Record an Album

Amsterdam Session
Artists Wil Key and Romy Dya in Amsterdam

Globetrotter:Side B is an upcoming album from Los Angeles based soul artist, Wil Key. What’s notable about this project is that it’s being recorded all around the world. Just imagine the film Around the World in 80 Days but in this case it’s an artist recording an album in mumerous different countries with dozens of other artists. It’s not even the first time Wil Key has taken on such a monumental project. This is a follow up to Side A, which came out in 2018 and was recorded in 11 different countries. Globetrotter:Side B is set to feature well known artists like Ellene Masri, Romy Dya and many more. Each and every song will be recorded in a different country (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Africa and Japan just to name a few.) One has to admire Wil for having tenacity to orchestrate and follow through with this epic artistic undertaking (and for the second time at that.) Stay tuned for more info on this work in progress, and we’ll be anxious to get our hands on the album and review it when it comes out.