Aria – A Christmas Letter

You can tell right in the first few seconds that Aria and Assieme Edizioni’s new release, A Christmas Letter, will be an instant classic. This Motown/gospel track is meticulously crafted and hits all the right notes. The vocals are powerful, capturing the sensitivity and good will of the holiday spirit.

The melodically rich and full sound of A Christmas Letter isn’t surprising when we look at the top notch production credits and impressive ensemble of performers. A global effort, A Christmas Letter was recorded in South Africa at the historic Downtown recording studios in Johannesburg. It was mixed by Jack Rouben out of Los Angeles. Well known singer Sherita-O provides stellar vocals. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Macedonian children’s choir, Heruvimi also make an appearance on the recording. The lyrics were written by Nicolette Turner, an author from Cambridge.

The song is primarily dedicated to women and children, as well as people who are in occupations (hospital workers, travel employees, etc) that keep them away from their families during the holidays. It’s important to remember that the holidays are often a time of sadness for those who are alone. A Christmas Letter acknowledges that while offering a touch of hopefulness and optimism. The song is timely and will resonate with many during these precarious times we live in. However, it also has that timeless Christmas appeal that’s so often associated with our favorite holiday tunes. I’d be willing to bet that people will listen to this 50 years from now and still experience the same magical feeling. This song would work well on a motion picture soundtrack.

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