Party Pants – Party Pants


Party Pants is a new single from the musical artist of the same name. This is one of those songs that seems perfectly engineered to go viral. It’s catchy, well produced and revels in its own delightful obnoxiousness. True to the title, this track is pure unadulterated fun. Party Pants describes his music as “hard pop.” It basically fuses elements from hard rock and pop music. It reminds me a bit of Kid Rock’s or Andrew WK’s style but with better music and less controversy. Party Pants has all the ingredients of a hit, and the music video is even better than what you see from major label artists. Clearly a lot of effort went into the production and the resulting aesthetics are phenomenal. They managed to get quite a few attractive girls to show up, too. I really wish I knew what the budget was for all this. I thoroughly enjoyed this jam, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Embrace your guilty pleasures and rock out to this bombastic musical extravaganza.

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GhostWryter – Big Raggedy

big raggedy

Big Raggedy is a new single from hip hop artist, GhostWryter. This high octane, adrenaline fueled track is action packed from the opening sirens. GhostWryter’s “on point” delivery is brimming with intensity and charisma throughout. The backing beat is fiercely powerful and keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense. There’s nothing mellow about this tune. Big Raggedy is a bold statement in musical form. The timing is impressive as everything is in perfect lockstep with the robust beat. This jam will get your blood flowing. With this dynamic and assertive release, GhostWryter is putting the hip hop world on notice that he’s arrived.

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Matthew J Van Howe – Emergent Narrative


Emergent Narrative is a new album from Chicago based artist, Matthew J Van Howe. An excellent piece of abstract musical art, this avant garde/ambient release has retrofuturistic vibes. Stylishly vintage synths that wouldn’t seem out of place in a 1980s science fiction film combine with contemporary sounds to create an ethereal aesthetic. Some tracks have a suspenseful and haunting vibe, while others are on the bright and uplifing side. Thoroughly cinematic and theatrical, the album functions as an instrumental soundscape.

The tracks all have single word titles (Sand, Rain, Merlot, etc) which serve as clues to their distinctive atmospheric qualities. If one allows themselves to be absorbed in the recordings, the listener is treated to a meditative, interdimensional journey. Van Howe gives us a comprehensive range of emotions and memories to delve into: heartbreak, ecstasy, loneliness, danger and nearly everything else in between. Songs like Peacock have an eerie, John Carpenter soundtrack feel while Mimosa is like an extended version of one of those mood elevating jingles used in telephone company commercials. I would love to see this album accompanied by visual performance art in a live setting, complete with dancers, costumes and set design.

From a technical standoint, production quality on Emergent Narrative is very good. The sound quality easily rivals that of most studio motion picture soundtracks. In addition to maintaining a high level of audio clarity, the album really does achieve that stereophonic, surround sound that’s pivotal to providing the listener with an immersive, adventurer’s quest. Of course, all of this is aided by the fact that Matthew J Van Howe is a talented songwriter who does a meticulous job of stucturing compositions and is proficient at playing the piano. The whole thing is just very professionally put together.

As a meditative and hypnotic album, it’s refreshing the way Emergent Narrative makes for a more intense experiece than the typical “flowers and relaxation” fare. These songs will actually challenge your imagination, daring you to face some of your darker memories and fears, while still allowing room for you to experience some jubilation in the process.

Matthew is currently mastering an improvised piano album entitled, “memories i would otherwise forget,” which should prove to be another enticing entry in his release catalog.

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Kevin Watts – Defect


Defect is a new EP from San diego based hip hop artist, Kevin Watts. One thing that immediately stands out about this release is the quality of the beats. The backing music is top tier, which each track featuring a high end piano or synth intro that really pulls you in. Each track is musically distinctive, while Watts’ delivery remains consistent throughout, holding the recordings together into a cohesive work. Kevin displays some solid ability as a rapper, blending emotion and energy with a good sense of timing. The pacing ranges from moderate to quick and overall is probably faster than most contemporary hip hop. My favorite track on the album is Process, which incorporates a vintage sound sample recording dealing with the subject of “anxiety.” The song has some delightfully eerie synths, and Watts’s performance on this jam is particularly impressive. The album is a respectable entry in the hip hop genre but is further elevated by the excellent backing music.

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Deluca – Over It


Over It is a new single from Deluca, a 22 year old artist based in New York. This Deep House, EDM jam is rich in its musical complexity. Ranging from ambient and ethereal to pulsepoundingly exhilarating, this dynamic track dazzles and mesmerizes from start to finish. There are quite a few transitions, and the beat alternates throughout, sometimes unpredictably. There’s practically an entire album’s worth of sound variety packed into this one 3 minute song. The portions where the beat really kicks in offer up supreme danceability. Production is very clean and professional, with the mix juggling a complicated blend of elements quite well. The song combines surreal and futuristic synths with tight beats to create a sound that’s slick and powerful but never overbearing or pretentious. In that sense, it’s very true to the EDM spirit. Over It is an impressive release all around. It’s becoming increaingly difficult for artists to stand out in this crowded genre, but as far as music goes, you really can’t ask for much better than this.

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Swing Dee Diablo – Black Light


Black Light is a new single from Michigan based hip hop artist, Swing Dee Diablo. The song appears on Swing Dee Diablo’s latest album, Skullator 2020. Combining elements of horrorcore and hip hop, this track has a casually dark vibe. Maintaining a mellow pace throughout, the song is driven by a fresh and full sounding beat and hauntingly witty lyrics. It’s hard to go wrong with gems like “let’s get to the point, that shit’ll never happen like winnin’ Super Bows in Detroit”). Swing Dee Diablo has a classic, old school delivery style, blended with a horror aesthetic. This is one of those jams you’ll find yourself wanting to sing along with. I’s just very catchy. The lyrics emit a ray of demonic doom, aimed at an unnamed recepient. Lurking, just below the surface though is a subtle, biting humor that will give listeners a healthy chuckle as the inferno rages toward them.


Swing Dee Diablo – Black Light
Written By Darren J Smith
Produced By Bad Mind
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tre L.B.
at Rock Hill Studios/Metro 37 Recording
in Rochester, Michigan.

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Artist Spotlight: Rick Z19


Rick Z19 is an artist originally from Valdosta, GA. He describes his childhood as “hardworking.” Astonishingly, he grew up with 10 sisters, 4 brothers and was raised by his grandmother. Rick cites one of his early influences as Michael Jackson and got his start in the Egyptian Choir. These days his music is inspired by another legend, Sam Cooke. Like his musical heroes, Rick Z19’s vocals are passionate, and you can just tell he puts every ounce of emotional energy into lyrical delivery. This guy can hit all kinds of notes and makes it look much easier than it is. All that choir must have really paid off. He claims he doesn’t have any big shows lined up, but from his voice and demeanor I get the sense he would be an entertaining and charismatic performer. His upcoming release 15 Seconds of Fame will be available soon. Don’t blink, cause you won’t want to miss this.

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Stephen Rubinosky (ft Maggie Schneider) – u don’t want me back


u don’t want me back is a new single from Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter Stephen Rubinosky. The song features well-known Atlanta artist, Maggie Schneider (who recently released the single, Mixed Signals). Rubinosky’s music is influeced by contemporary icons like Ed Sheeran and Alec Benjamin. He has even performed outside for fans while following the tours of Sheeran and other artists like Shawn Mendes. In addition to a tour with tour with Drake Bell, Rubinosky also has a number of (music performance related) Jerry Springer and MTV appearances under his belt.

This latest single reinforces that Stephen has really mastered this adult contemporary/pop genre. He has cracked the formula and at this point can probably crank out top quality songs like this at will. The sound is delightfully bright and clean, giving it an intimate and personal quality. It’s just very magnified, and you can really hear the detail in the recording. A duet was a wise creative choice, as Maggie balances the dynamic and adds another dimension, making this song more than just a guy singing about a broken heart. The layering and interplay contributes some extra complexity to the song structure. The vocals are well choreographed and blend nicely together. Overall, this is just a very professional release from two serious artists who know what they’re doing.

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The Real J.O. – J.O. Vs Lil Auto


J.O. Vs Lil Auto is a new mixtape from hip hop artist,┬áThe Real J.O. This comprehensive release contains 13 full tracks, and nearly 30 minutes of music. What’s interesting about this mixtape is that it isn’t just a bunch of fun-filled party jams. Some of the songs are sentimental and even romantic. Overall there’s a lot of lyrical depth and emotion on this album, which is kind of refreshing and adds a bit of humanity to the songs. There’s extensive variety though, and some songs like To the Bank are downright pumpin’. The beats are often hypnotic and dreamlike, and the lyrical delivery has a very conversational flow. There’s a voyeuristic quality to this mixtape, as often times you feel like you are eavesdropping on a couple of dudes having a personal convo. J.O. Vs Lil Auto a very creative release and jam packed with rich content.

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Snapchat: bt_j13

J. Maurice – Favors


Favors is a new single from Dallas-based hip hop artist, J. Maurice. After the slick piano intro, J. Maurice gets right to the crux of the matter and declares he’s “a businessman,” and that he’s “through doing favors.” This song is basically an anthem for handlin’ biz and refusing to be taken advantage of. The backbeat features some synths which are notable for their really awesome vibrato and theremin-like effect, reminiscent of music from 70’s haunted house movies. The beat itself is pretty tight and bumping, with good bass levels. J. Maurice has a commanding vocal presence and no nonsense delivery. When the track really kicks in, the listener experiences the full force of his robust sound. Favors is a solid jam that will resonate with people who are tired of getting shafted and distracted at every turn. It’s about getting things done and putting first things first. Keep your eye on the prize.

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