Kelvino – Sumcrazyinlife

Sumcrazyinlife is a new single from Minneapolis-based artist, Kelvino. This emotive and ethereal new track blends soulful R&B with a touch of hip hop. The song has an intensely personal and reflective feel. The backing beat is sparkling with musicality. It’s pleasantly dreamlike, and the audio clarity gives it an almost retro R&B vibe.

Kelvino’s lyrical delivery is both passionate and sentimental, as he expresses romantic thoughts and contemplates the state of his own mental being. He also laments the fakeness in people, their propensity to copy him and how they often act like they’re playing roles in movies. Ultimately, I think the song deals with perseverance, the struggle that life entails and the determination to continue pushing forward in the face of chaotic adversity, without losing the essence of one’s self in the process.

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Natnikole – PMF

PMF is a new EP from Portland-based singer/songwriter and rapper, Natnikole. The title is a twist on Big Meech’s BMF (Black Mafia Family), with the P representing Portland in this case.  You get the idea right away with the opening track, Mama Stay.  It’s  peppy and melodic hip hop that’s brimming with personality. The distinctive, entrancing,  and synth-driven backing beat gives the sound a surreal quality.

Claiming influences like Eminem and Mac Dre, artist Natnikole’s delivery is crisp, charismatic and occasionally witty. Creative employment of vocal layering and echoing effects creates a conversational atmosphere and enhances the avant-garde quotient of the songs. Both the lyrics and the persormance are very contemplative, even conveying elements of expressive sentimentality, particularly on Dead Presidents. One wouldn’t expect much from a track called Outro, but I was pleasantly surprised by how substantive and biographical it was. Don’t be fooled by the fact it’s labeled an “Outro.” It is very much a complete song.

There’s a lot to appreciate about PMF. Natnikole has created something sincere here. This 3-track album qualifies as a compact package of personal reflection, poetry, and solid rapping skills.