Blair Jacob – Copacabana


Copacabana is a new release from Blair Jacob, an instrumental LoFi producer based in Hackney, London. It’s actually the title track/lead single of a 4-song EP. Let me tell you, this song is smooth. Interwoven with faint vocals, the backing beat is dreamlike and ethereal. This is the ultimate chill out jam and will definitely leave you feeling copacetic. Though the vibe is mellow, the beat is still invigorating enough to captivate a dance floor. Copacabana has a retro-futuristic sound that blends space age synths, psychedelic melodies and wild rhythms. I would recommend checking out the whole EP. The rest of the tracks are similarly powerful. This artist has some real skills.

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Eva No – Making Conversation

Eva No - Making Conversation

Making Conversation is a new single from artist, Eva No. This is an upbeat, melodic and somewhat playful party pop song. It aims to bring people back into the spirit of socializing after what has been a rather difficult year. The music blends retro-futuristic synths with a fresh beat and slightly tropical vibes. Eva No’s lyrical delivery is captivating and approachable. She really sings with a lot of personality. As for the song itself, it’s fairly catchy and the build up before the hooks is quite effective. Atmospherically, Making Conversation has that sweet summertime essence that’s difficult to describe but always pleasant to bask in. This is a solid pop jam that’s brimming with positive energy.

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Eshnab – Wake Up

eshanb2 (1)

Wake Up is a new single from 21-year-old, Boise-based artist, Eshnab. The track is colorful and snazzy, with bright, pop and hip hop sensibilities. Eshnab’s delivery is playful and brimming with vitality, juxtaposing neatly against the backing beat, which has kind of a tropical, summertime vibe. As a pop jam, Wake Up has a lot of potential. It’s peppy and rhythmic, while Eshnab’s performance demonstrates he has a solid sense of timing. He also has another release, titled KAMIKAZE. It features laser-like synths and—as the title implies—the ambiance is wild and funy. I recommend you check both of his new songs out and follow Eshnab on Instagram if you like what you hear.

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Steam Train Hearts – Uncertainty


Uncertainty is a new single from Richmond-based band, Steam Train Hearts. It also appears on their album, Smoke and Cinder. The song has a rough and tumble, rockin’ 1980s sound. Driven by sentimental vocals that project powerfully, Uncertainty is brimming with emotional energy. This really does sound like an 80’s jam. Featuring robust guitar tones and dynamic melodies, the mix comes through full, loud and clear. There are no obnoxious processing effects or autotune. The performances on here are all good as well, but the vocals especially stand out. When he belts out the lyrics, you can really hear the genuine passion and charisma in his voice. He has great “presence.” This band in general releases really solid and straightforward music. (I listened to some of the other songs on the album). I’d be willing to bet they put on a great live show, too.

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Blind Uncle Harry – Song For Kori


Song For Koriis a new single from Indiana-based singer-songwriter and band collective, Blind Uncle Harry. With elements of folk, Americana and storytelling, this jam is an instant indie classic. Featuring a full, rich lyrical narrative, Song For Koriis music for the open road. The sound has recognizably 1960’s vibe. It reminds me a lot of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. The track largely consists of acoustic guitars and vocals. I don’t want to give too much a way, but the storyline is actually pretty engaging, and you can really visualize the events describe. Song For Kori manages to capture a kind of essence within the American zeitgeist. It’s reassuring to know that indie music like this is still being made.

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Muusi – Cranberry Juice

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Cranberry Juicy is a new single from Virginia-based songwriter, artist and engineer, Muusi. Though the effect is subtle, the artist’s Pakistani heritage is melodically reflected in the song’s ambiance. The piano-driven backing beat makes great use of noise, blending old school analog vibes with an organic, natural feel. I should also mention that this is a hip hop jam. On that end, Muusi’s delivery is straightforward and crisp. He has a fresh and smooth flow that matches the mellow, reflective tone of the music. Cranberry Juice is meditative and colorful. It’s relaxing, while still managing to retain enough performance energy to recharge your batteries.

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Hesitant Waitress – Temperance


Temperance is the debut EP from Hesitant Waitress (the stage name of Orlando-based artist Emma Branch). The album is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime this summer. However, a demo version is already available on Bandcamp. If you ask me, it sounds fine just the way it is. This is avant garde indie rock in its finest and most organic form. The artist achieves some really sweet vintage guitar tones in the opening track Another Dimension. It’s a very captivating song, with an ambiance that is both haunting and ethereal. Thematically, Temperance deals with “coming of age” issues like addiction. mental illness, and losing loved ones. Musically, the sound is neither upbeat nor depressing. The melodies are beautiful and the guitar chord changes hit just right. These songs are psychically powerful. Releases like Temperance are exactly the ones I look forward to writing about.

Comatose Red Ivy – Bat Sympathy (Dark Knight Freestyle)


Bat Sympathy (Dark Knight Freestyle) is a new single from artist, Comatose Red Ivy. This track is part of a new EP that’s set to be released on 6/3/2021 titled BOYFIFTY Produce Murder Scenes.. One of the more creative and avant garde hip hop songs, Bat Sympathy tells the story of when the artist heard some bats while she was at a red light. She proceeded to drive to their location and then lie underneath the rafters where they were hanging out. The best part is she recorded the incident (you can actually hear the bats) and turned it into this jam. This gives the recording a kind of “found footage” quality.

Against the backdrop of a mellow and ambient beat, Comatose Red Ivy reflects on her own life and discusses her feelings about the bats overhead. The musical style is a spoken-word freestyle narration. It’s almost like a diary. In the beginning, she expresses fear of the bats, but by the end of the song she feels sympathy and love for them. On a deeper level, it’s analogous to how—when we are faced with death—we learn to appreciate the beauty in things we may have never noticed before and accept others for who they are. Bat Sympathy earns a lot of points for creativity in songwriting, and it’s worth noting the music itself is pleasantly haunting and enjoyable in its own right.

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Rick Christian – The New Normal


The New Normal is a new album from artist, Rick Christian. The songs feature a lot of Covid-19 related social commentary and reflections on the state of humanity. The music was more invigorating and vibrant then I was expecting, given the subject matter. There are a couple of genius songs on here like Holiday in Covid, which feature genuinely radical synths. A lot of these tracks have a somewhat metallic or industrial tone, which juxtaposes well with the underlying techno-futuristic, dystopian themes. The synths and vocal effects are fantastic. This is probably the coolest and most original Covid-related music release I’ve heard so far, (and I have reviewed many).

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Flippin’ Gothic Fabp – Platinumism Playlist

platinumism-playlist---grapics (1)

Platinumism Playlist is a new album from alternative hip hop artist, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp. This is one of the more creative styles I’ve come across. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp combines spoken word poetry, tropical vibes, hip hop and futuristic beats to create a truly unique sound. These songs are almost hypnotic. You really get into a zone when you listen to this music. The ambiance is practically entrancing. Platinumism Playlist reminds me of when people used to create sound collages out of obscure recordings, and rappers used to really dig for cool samples and snippets. This is a very artistic and intelligent collection of recordings. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp’s lyrical delivery is on point, and this album is a pleasure to listen to.

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