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Tomorrow’s Fate – Appreciate The Time

Released through NRT-Records & Rock Of Angels Records, Appreciate The Time is the debut album from Austria-based band, Tomorrow’s Fate. Blending elements of alternative, indie and modern hard rock, the songs are musically powerful and have an optimistic feel. Charismatically emotive vocals and melodic, polished guitars present with an impressive level of professionalism. With solid tracks like My Way and Don’t Forget to Rock, the band manages to marry an impassioned sincerity of indie artfulness with major-label production quality, resulting in a sound that’s reminiscent of iconic groups like Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge. Credit must be given not only to the band, but also to producer Nino Markgraf, whose efforts here helped the album successfully achieve (and maybe even surpass) its sonic potential.

The album is brimming with inspirational energy at every turn. Even the more thematically sentimental and sensitive tracks, such as Be Human, still deliver high octane listening experiences that will pick you up. The singer demonstrates terrific vocal ability, and believe me when I say that this not an easy style of music to sing, especially when the vocals occupy such a prominent position in the final recording.

There’s some creative versatility in terms of pacing and cadence, but the mixes are full and rich throughout. One of my favorite tracks on here is the epic rock ballad, I Won’t Leave You Alone, which incorporates some crunchy guitar distortion and clocks in at over 6 minutes. Another notable jam is Humming Birds. It’s one of the more vocally driven pieces. Utilizing “earthy” lyrics and dynamic melodies, it paints a vivid, reflective picture of its naturalistic setting.

Most of the songs on here could best be described as anthems for humanity. The positivity and empathetic tone of reassurance conveyed in Appreciate The Time refreshing in a genre that often contains excessive doses of cynicism and misanthropy. An encouraging message helping us to appreciate the time we have together and to make the most of it might be just what people need to hear in these tumultuous times.

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