Peter Edwards – Invisible Storm


Invisible Storm is a new album from British based artist, Peter Edwards. The album (released on Bentley Records) is dedicated to his daughter Kaci Storm, whom he has not been able to see for the past two years. Another underlying theme relates to the artist’s struggle with depression, something which is likely to resonate with many people. As you might imagine, the songs contain a great deal of emotional depth and are quite personal, but that enhances the experience and doesn’t distract from the music for the casual listener.

The opening and title track Invisible Storm is the jewel of the album, featuring some grooving guitar sounds and touching lyrics. The song is well structured with a lot of musical complexity and interesting layering. The pacing is mellow, and almost all of the tracks make use of light and funky beats, like if one were to mix reggae and R&B slow jams. The album doesn’t feel melancholy or like a downer despite occasionally dealing with some somber subjects and complex emotions. The tone is more pleasant and flavorful. Edwards is a pretty good singer as well, and his performance is endearing as you can tell be puts his heart and soul into the delivery of each lyric. His vocals in Ain’t That a Shame are probably the smoothest on the recording. Oddly, my favorite song on this release is Doggie Paddle, which is incredibly catchy and has a lot of potential if it were to go viral somehow. All in all, you get your money’s worth with this album because there’s plenty of content here and all of it has the sort of personal touch you can’t really put a price on.

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Louie Lahana – Sad But True

revision 2

Sad But True is a brand new jam from Louie Lahana, an artist whose recent single, Taxi we wrote about back in April. Much of what was said there also applies to this release as well. Lahana’s rare blend of indie alternative / acoustic folk and hip hop is memorably distinctive. Sad But True feels more personal and intimate than some of his previous work. Knowing a little more about Lahana and the context, his sound, which resembles a slightly grittier, east coast version of a cross between Cake and Modest Mouse, is more familiar to me now. This combo of indie folk and hip hop does have a slightly 90s retro feel to it, and it appears the era had some formative effects on Lahana.

This particular song deals with the artist’s time spent living in Greenwich Village in the late 1990’s. It’s a nostalgic, romantic flashback track that is sincere and heartfelt and should resonate with listeners. The lyrics paint such a vivid and detailed picture of the events that they could almost be used as time travel coordinates, if you wanted to go there and recreate the experience for yourself. The song is relatable to me because I lived through that time period (though not in Greenwich Village) and also share a nostalgic fondness for the developmental relationships and interests I had during that same time. Just the other day I spent several hours online trying to locate the exact style of Adidas track jacket, which served as my daily uniform throughout most of 1997-1998.

The music is very organic and raw without being abrasive, really a “true” indie track. The female backing vocals do a great job of softening the tone and enhancing the song’s romantic ambiance, which might otherwise have been minimized if one were listening without paying attention to the lyrics. For his part, Lahana’s delivery is lively and animated througout, treating us to a full spectrum of emotions in an actional packed personal retrospective that clocks in at over 4 minutes long.

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Interview With R&B Singer-Songwriter Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D


1. Kelvin, we are intrigued about your science background. When did you know you would be merging a career in science with a music career?

My first love was always music, so I always planned to go to college and study music. When I was in high school, I graduated in the top 10 of my class and my fellow classmates felt like I was too smart to study music. I did grow to love chemistry and decided to make a compromise and major in both chemistry and music. I loved them both and thus started my career trying to merge them.

2. Do your scientific friends enjoy your music and do you ever bring a little science to the stage with you?

Yes, my scientific friends love my music and are impressed how talented I am in both careers. They are very supportive as well by coming out to my shows. As far as bring science onto the stage. Yes, I have done a song about Avogadro’s number on the stage to showcase a mix of music and chemistry. I learned the song back in my high school chemistry class with Ms. Lisa Callahan and never forgot it.

3. Tell us about your upcoming release, ROLLERCOASTER.

Anyone that knows me know that I love to ride roller coasters. So, I decided to write a song about roller coasters because not only love is like a roller coaster but life as well. We should I just enjoy the ride.
The single is available now for Pre-Order:

4. When can we see you performing next?

Right now I am focusing on finishing up my EP, but if a show comes up you can get notified by tracking me on songkick
5. The greatest part about being a musician is…
The freedom of expressing yourself and not to be put in a box.

6. Tell us a bit more about your next moves for the rest of this year.
Focusing on finishing up my EP and promoting my new single “Roller Coaster”

Thank you! If there’s anything else you want to share with our readers, please feel free to add in.
“Your Music Will Shine Its Brightest If You Never Lose Sight Of Who You Are”

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KAATO – Slam!


Slam! is a new album from Nashville based rock band, KAATO. This album is powerful stuff, and it really does rock. The sound falls somewhere between classic rock and glam, reminiscent of bands like Poison, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue, but with a little bit of groovin guitar and Southern flair. It has a very late 80s feel to it, if only because the instruments are played with such meticulous precision, and the singer’s epic voice goes above and beyond the call of duty. I mean wow, this dude (Kurt Lowney) can really sing, and he just belts out these lyrics with an impressive level of ease, holding notes at will. Everything about this record is world class. It’s stylish, oozes with confidence, and is backed by substantive technical prowess. My favorite jam on this album is Communication which features some vintage housephone sound effects and a high energy, rhythmic rock’n’roll vibe. It would make a great track to race to down a desert highway while driving Charlie Sheen’s car from The Wraith. Anyway yeah, this album is legit.

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MASS – Marta

marta byron jones

Marta is a new single from native Virginian hip hop artist, MASS. It’s part of his freshly released project, Phase 1. Marta opens with an eerie musical backing, which sets us up to experience the tenebrous ambiance of the track. The song is surprisingly catchy, frequently repeating “Marta” and rhyming is with “harda” in a way that really sticks in the listener’s brain. When he says “I move like Marta,” it makes me wonder if the song is actually referencing the Atlanta bus and rail system, “MARTA.” The lyrics are also interesting in that they interweave high stakes action with everyday activities like “online shopping” and “calling an Uber.” The rapping here is engaging and the lyrical narrative is genuinely interesting to follow. The delivery style is chill and laid back, balanced with it’s casually serious undertones relating to the daily grind of life in the city.

Check out the new music video for “Marta”. It has a gritty, old school vibe that takes you back to the ‘90’s. It’s fun and uncompromising at the same time.

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Claro – Fifteen


Fifteen is a new album from Claro, an R&B/Pop artist from Sydney, Australia. The album consists of 15 flavorful jams, which range from peppy and upbeat to sentimental and romantic. In fact, most of the tracks deal with relationships on some level, but the tone varies from optimistic to somber. Even the lyrics that chronicle heartbreak are couched within playful and rejuvenating melodies. They aren’t depressing.

I really like the album intro, which almost reminds me of 50’s Doo-wop. It’s just very classy, well done and managed to grab my attention immediately. While the intro gives us a taste, the 2nd track Get Me Easily unleashes the full power of Claro’s vocals. It’s really a fantastic performance. There are some real high notes here, hit without even the hint of a strain. His vocal dynamicism is on display from start to finish. Claro’s voice has a refreshingly innocent quality to it. It doesn’t convey any of the cocky attitute or pomposity we’ve come to expect from budding young pop stars. This gives his songs a rare touch of sincerity and lends the subject matter an air of credibility. For example, Don’t Waste Your Time is one of the most humble attempts to court a female romantically that I’ve ever heard in a pop song. It has a great, bouncy, Nintendo-like beat, which the lyrics hop along to nicely.

There’s good variety with the backing music. Every song has its own distinct musical personality, and the instruments vary as well. Some songs have a light, funky dance music vibe, which others like Just In Time and Never Got the Chance have a traditional and straightforward piano backing. Since they are mostly all romantic songs, the pacing is on the slower side, but there are plenty of moments where the action picks up and gets your pulse going. My favorite song on the album is probably Sunsets, which has some excellent hooks and chord progressions of course but really just seems to contain that intangibly magic ingredient of a memorable, hit song.

All in all, Fifteen is an impressive album from an artist who performs at a very high level. Some of Claro’s songs are good or better than what is currently being played on the radio. Perhaps more importanly his music comes across as genuine, and that makes you want to root for him.

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Katiah One – Fight The Good Fight


Fight The Good Fight is a new album from Katiah One, a hip hop artist raised on the Upper West Side of New York City. The songs have a nice old school feel to them, with that warm, analog sound, complete with subtle tape hiss and record crackle. The album opens with an instant classic, We Livin the Dream…(Nightmares.) In addition to Katiah One’s enjoyable deadpan delivery, the song features a very well placed vintage sample from British philosopher Alan Watts’ seminar on how to “still the mind.” It’s a while since I’ve heard hip hop artists incorporate these kinds of samples into their work, and I kind of miss it.

The thing I like about this album is that Katiah One doesn’t neglect the musical side. The songs are very melodic and pleasurable to listen to, and the artist doesn’t make it all about himself. It’s not some spoken word slam poetry indulgence. This album reminds me very much or early to mid 90’s “golden age” hip hop, making use of samples, electric piano and some downright symphonic atmosphere. The tracks are pretty laid back but Stop This is probably the most epic in terms of dramatic suspense. All and all this is just very impressive, and Katiah One has released the best hip hop album I’ve heard so far this year.

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Interview With Rising Young Starlet, KSENIA


1. Ksenia is a beautiful name. What is the origin?

Thank you very much! The name, Ksenia, comes from Greece. Xenia translates as hospitality. Fun fact, my name is ranked the 6430th most commonly used name in the world. It’s pronounced Kiss-en-ee-uh.

2. Your voice is beautiful. When did you first begin singing?

Thank you very much. I began singing in the kindergarten. Good times! And then I could not stop. I was singing and singing and still singing. I love it.

3. Tell us about your background in film and comedy as well!

I love film and comedy. I got an MFA in acting for film; In school they taught me how to make a movie from scratch. And that got me started. I made many short films and even one feature film, romantic comedy “THIS MUCH”, I co-wrote, produced, starred in it, and did all the soundtracks. I even won best actress for it, just like I dreamt to. The other thing is I was always funny, not even on purpose. I was doing my singing shows and talked to the audience in between songs, and everyone was laughing. And then I thought maybe i should take a standup class, and I loved doing standup. But then I was too exhausted doing all of it and recently made a decision to focus just on music. I am happy that i’ve had so much comedy and film experience, it only helps my music, i am looking to incorporate it all in my music videos.

4. You have a lot of followers on IG. Do you enjoy being an influencer?

Believe it or not, having lots of followers on Instagram is a lot of work! I do enjoy it I guess. I don’t know, I look at it like at the portfolio of everything I’ve been doing, and I love connecting to my followers; everyone is so supportive of what I am doing.

5. If you could play any stage, anywhere…where would it be and why?

I would love to have a show at the Staple center. I went to see so many shows there, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Adele, Alicia Keys, Grammys, Cher. It’s time I have a show there 😉

6. What is the new single entitled? Can you tell us a bit about the song?

New single called Let Somebody Love You is about a person who has a hard time letting people in and giving and receiving love. This is how most of us are these days. No one wants to commit to any relationship; we are playing it too cool. We have all been hurt, and we don’t want to get hurt again. Inspired by true events, of course. I think lots of people can relate.

7. Where are your favorite places to go in NYC ?

You know I love comedy, so I love to go to a Comedy Cellar for a good laugh. I enjoy live music shows at places like Rockwood Music Hall, and I love watching Broadway shows. I watched so many already. I also enjoy watching movies by myself. I am a bit weird. I also enjoy long walks in Central Park.

8. Do blondes have more fun?

Nah. With all the work I constantly have to do I feel like I don’t have any fun at all lol. So, I believe people of all hair colors are capable of having the same amount of fun. 😉

9. Please list your links for our readers. Thank you Ksenia.


Insta: @iamksenia
Soundcloud: @iamksenia
Facebook: @iamkseniamusic
Twitter: @iamkseniamusic

Midas Well – 3AM

Midas well

3AM is a new single from Austin based singer/songwriter, “Midas Well.” There are hip hop elements, but this is more of an R&B pop jam. The backing music is delightfully haunting and ethereal, creating a dreamlike atmosphere for Midas Well’s sometimes soft and always smooth vocals. What really works in this song are the well executed harmonies. These really complement the backdrop of the eerie cinematic ambiance nicely. A great job was done on the mix here, with everything blending together cohesively. While Midas Well’s voice has a naturally soothing quality to it, the mix succeeds at matching the tone from start to finish. There’s still enough action and vitality though to make this a tune worthy of the dance floor.

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Wav-Legion II – Wav-Dr and Bonnie Legion


It was only back in January, when I reviewed Wav-Legion, an album from Wav-Dr and Bonnie Legion. The prolific musical duo is already back with new full length album, imaginatively titled, Wav-Legion II. When I say full length, I do mean full length, as this record includes 16 action packed tracks. Several songs on here also feature the talents of other artists like Miss eFeMBy, Robert P.Kreitz II and Metropolis Music.

The songs on Wav-Legion II blend a wide variety of genres, including pop, hip hop, electronic, rock’n’roll, singer-Songwriter, and soul. Despite the fact that some of these stylistic ingredients may not inherently go well together, the artists manage to make this concoction work. A big part of that alchemic success is in their technical ability and talent as musicians in general (which is apparent if you watch any of live their video performances.) These are trained professionals on a closed road. Don’t try this at home. The music varies widely from one track to the next. For example, Escape the Mundane is a retrofuturistic electronic track, which sounds like something they would play at the Love Shop in the film, Logan’s Run. Just a few songs later, Money Crime comes across as a soulful cross between synthwave and Fleetwood Mac.

My favorite track on the album is probably Fear of Flying, which is a pretty straightforward electronic rock song, catchy and memorable. Note that they also do a live acoustic version of this song (video is below,) which has more of an Americana vibe. A lot of artists who claim to be multi-instrumentalists or chameleons are full of crap, but Wav-Dr and Bonnie Legion are the real deal. They shapeshift in and out of different genres effortlessly and in a way that makes them credibly appear as experts in each one. Bonnie Legion’s singing is incredible. She probably could have even made it past the obnoxious judges on American Idol. It must be a joy to record with her as I bet she’s a one take wonder.

Anyway, this is obviously a very impressive album, a case of quantity and quality. There’s a lot of richness to the songs. None of the tracks feel like “padding” or throwaways. The “tone” of this album has a subtle, emotional darkness to it, creating just a hint of edge. Wav-Legion II closes with Stop Thinking (featuring Robert P. Kreitz,) a rather poignantly haunting song which (despite the title) will leave this album lingering in your thoughts well after you’re done listening.

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