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Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge – The Delight


The Delight is a new single from artists Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge. A Montreal pop star who grew up between Canada, France and the US, Van Hechter teamed up with famed NYC dj, Chauncey Dandridge to create this stylish neo-disco classic. Celebrating unity, hopefulness and a certain zest for life, The Delight is an invigorating and uplifting jam.

A slick, pulsepounding beat keeps the action moving, while the melodies are powered by retro-futuristic synths. The music really does have an authentic disco sound, perfectly capturing the melodic richness and electrifying energy that is the essence of the genre. Given the events of the last year or two, it’s been a while since people could appreciate the extravagant and jovial party atmosphere this song awakens. The lyrics are catchy, and the mix creatively makes use of vocal layering and harmonies to enhance their presence, ultimately giving the vocals a festive quality. Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge both offer up lively performances. Van Hechter’s voice exudes confidence while still remaining laid back and approachable. From a technical standpoint, he can actually sing, too.

You really can’t ask for better production values than this. It shouldn’t be surprising, given the professional status of the artists, but sonically this is just better than most contemporary recordings, even the ones you hear on the radio or in department stores. The audio clarity is excellent, and unlike many newer pop songs, the mix isn’t cluttered with autotune and unnecessary processing. The artistry and detail is permitted to flourish, amplifying the track’s emotional impact.

The video for this song is high quality and has already amassed nearly a million views on youtube. It contains footage from an exotic, disco club setting, interspersed with some intriguing and avant garde photo montages. It’s very well put together. As a song The Delight could ultimately be described as 21st century pop (or neo-disco) music at it’s finest. It’s classy, exquisite, emotionally expressive and brimming with positivity.

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Kenny Fame – Time

Levi Wise - Headshot (Neurtral)4

Time is a new single from New York-based poet and singer-songwriter, Kenny Fame. This song is delightfully catchy with it’s light, modest pace and colorful, summertime beat. Lyrically, Time deals with the way humans experience time, how it seems to go slow when we are bored or unhappy, while seeming to speed up during our most enjoyable moments. The song captures this within a romantic context, and how someone can make you feel alive again. As brief as it may seem, you’ve got to seize that moment. It juxtaposes a healthy sadness with a positive, hopeful disposition. Kenny Fame gives a vocal performance that’s sincere, and his voice just has a very pure and relatable quality. Musically, Time is simple and straightforward, yet it is a profoundly insightful song.

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Brad Byrd – Where Were You When the World Stopped? (48)

Where Were You When the World Stopped? is a new EP from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Brad Byrd. Blending elements of folk, rock and Americana, the title track is an instant, heartfelt classic. It’s touching and quietly sentimental. The music has an intricate and very personal feel, offering a small, refreshing slice of humanity to contrast the harsh world we live in. One of the songs, When You Need Me is slightly more rocking and features a rich, vibrant mix. It’s peppy, energizing and will just really brighten up your mood. Brad Byrd’s vocals have a trustworthy, reassuring tone. His voice is charismatic while also brimming with thoughtful sensitivity. Musically, this album is nicely polished. It combines the organic, sincere qualities of the classic singer-songwriter genre with 21st century production and contemporary instrumental accents. Where Were You When the World Stopped? is powerful in its tenderness.

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Tyrell Butler – Give In

Give In Final Cover

Give In is a new single from R&B/Gospel artist, Tyrell Butler on ER the Label. Slated for official release on August 20, 2021, this song is a stylish and creative entry in the genre. One pleasant surprise is that Give In actually incorporates guitars, which isn’t something you hear too often in the contemporary R&B. The guitar tones add a warm, classic feel to the ambiance, which is already melodically rich and colorful. There’s a nice build to the action, which is emotionally invigorating at the song’s climactic points.

Tyrell Butler is an excellent singer. His voice is expressive, and it’s impressive hearing him nail those high notes. As I’ve said a million times before, you just can’t fake it with R&B/gospel, and this guy obviously can sing. The vocal harmonies really drive the energy and are quite moving emotionally. Give In also has a mellow yet danceworthy beat. This song is a high quality and totally professional release. You can’t ask for much more. While you’re waiting for the official release date, you can get ahead of the game by pre-saving the track in the link below.

Tyrell Butler’s Give In Pre-Save Link:

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Soundsex – Tension 3.0 (Decoding Jesus Remixes) (47)

Tension 3.0 is a single from Soundsex, newly remixed by Decoding Jesus. There’s actually backstory with this track. Originally it was produced back in 2012 as Tension by Chase Wiggs, Jacob Bailey and Miko Franconi under the name of Soundex. The group split up in 2012 but Miko Franconi continued on with the name, and the classic song became a staple for many DJs.

The latest incarnations of this jam are remixes by Let’s Beat Milo Records’ label owner and producer, Decoding Jesus (whom we’ve featured before). There’s the standard mix and a “break beat” mix. As the title accurately hints at, this song does indeed offer a high intensity experience. Featuring a sleak, pulsepounding beat, Tension 3.0 is mesmerizing. It will transport listeners into the zone and dial up the dance floor energy to 11.

It’s the kind of song that’s hypnotic but will wake you up rather than induce you into a deep sleep. Futuristic synths, strategically placed vocal samples, and crisp bass keep the action high throughout. Tension 3.0 also has sensual undertones, balancing a mechanical, deep space ambiance with a more expressive, human component. This is dark techno at its finest. It’s really incredible to see contemporary classics like Tension continue to evolve, shapeshift and reinvent themselves, as they become exponentially interwoven into the fabric of the dance music scene.

2019 lbmr logo E

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Forces Unknown – Lil Bit of Heaven

FU Front Cover

Lil Bit of Heaven is a new single from Southern California-based artist, Forces Unknown (aka Fund*Amental). A member of the Smashpop Collective, which also features artists like Recworm, L.O.R.D., Dominic Bowen, and DJ Limegreen, Forces Unknown has been part of the underground hip hop scene for over 25 years and has performed with Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill and a plethora of other iconic acts.

This latest track boasts a surreal, synth-driven backing that’s brimming with melodic appeal. The beat has just the right amount of bass and balances nicely with the enchanting, music. The lyrical delivery is high octane and engaging. Forces Unknown rhymes with a determined intensity. His style reminds be a bit of slam poetry, with its charismatic energy. His voice is powerful, and you could tell people would still listen to this even if there was no music at all.

Forces unknow ad ali

As the title implies, Lil Bit of Heaven incorporates spiritual metaphors into its message of courage, love and perseverance. There’s actually some really phenomenal singing on this track, which was pleasantly unexpected as I was expecting this to be just a straightforward hip hop jam. The vocals are beautiful and deliciously soulful. Lil Bit of Heaven delivers plenty of action, while somehow managing to retain an insightful and endearing innocence.

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M-Dash – Anytime (Feat. Mr. Maph)


Anytime (Feat. Mr. Maph) is a new single from Vallejo-based hip hop artist, M-Dash. An award winning performer with nine albums and dozens of singles under his belt, M-Dash dazzles with his latest track. It features a groovy and ethereal, synth intro that is simply captivating. The song is actually a smooth and somewhat romantic jam that’s ideal for candle-lit dinners with your significant other but still packs a crisp enough beat to get down to on the dance floor.


As per usual, M-Dash’s delivers his lyrics expressively and his performance balances confidence with sensuality. Surprisingly, the song also contains some tropical elements and intersperses some reggae vibes. The vocals on this track are pretty sweet and melodic, elevating Anytime into something beyond a mere “rap” song. Musically, the song has a lot to offer listeners from different audiences. It transcends genres and also has a timeless feel. If I heard this song randomly, I might not be able to guess what decade it was made. M-Dash has definitely carved out his own unique sound, and the ambient blend he concocts here works quite well.

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NatStar – BBL

image (1)

BBL is a new single from well-known hip hop artist, NatStar. This track is slick and has hit written all over it. A lot of songs have meme-worthy or marketable titles, but BBL backs it up with top notch production, good music and a straight up performance. The sonic clarity is excellent. This seriously sounds better than most major label hip hop releases. There’s not not even a trace of anything abrasive in the mix. NatStar’s delivery is tight and businesslike as he manages to rap about the salacious subject matter is a cool and professional tone. He keeps a good poker face throughout the track. The timing with the vocals and the beat is razor sharp. You really can’t ask for much more. BBL is a song that’s dialed into contemporary pop culture, and this jam definitely has the ingredients to take off.

For more info:

@natsocold on all social platforms

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Big Dojah – Three-17


Three-17 is a new EP from North Carolina hip hop artist, Big Dojah. He has released a number of jams since 2019, often collaborating with other North Carolina artists. Songs like Watchu like (Tudda), Guardian angel (B.A.M.B), and Saliva are some of his more prominent releases to date. He is also apparently known for talking about himself in the third person and talking to himself, and freely admits there is a hint of madness to his persona. “Of course I talk to myself, I’m the only one who truly cares what I have to say,” he has been quoted as saying.

His recent release, Three-17, definitely demonstrates he’s focused and professional when it comes to rapping. His stream of consciousness delivery style flows evenly throughout the tracks. You can tell this guy really has a lot of experience freestyling. He’s a natural storyteller, as the lyrics on the opening track 317 Gs make clear, and he gives a detailed version of events relating to a recent arrest. Against the backdrop of a crisp, suspenseful beat, the content is just very engaging and detailed. Free Rio offers another fine example of this, and has probably my favorite musical intro on the album as well. Other songs like Still Barkin have more of a a dreamlike and surreal vibe. Big Dojah brings both skill and a unique personality to this EP. I think we can expect to hear a lot more from him in the future.

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Kemini – Vendetta


Vendetta is a new album from artist, Vendetta. His style combines elements of rock and hip hop. The unique twist though is that the songs also have a haunting and surreal vibe, unlike older blended styles like rapcore. The backing beats are high intensity and have a futuristic, almost industrial quality. Kemini’s vocal delivery is expressive. He spouts his rhymes with passion and emotional intensity, while also occasionally revealing a relaxed side on some of the lighter tracks.


He’s a surprisingly versatile performer, who’s able to transform his vocal style to accommodate the frequent changes in the music. There are a lot of lyrics packed into these songs, as Kemini’s “stream of consciousness” style flow seems to never be at a loss for words. My favorite song on Vendetta is probably Be Like Wayne with its snappy rhythm and witty verses. The most prominent and radio friendly single on the album is probably Cross the Line. There’s a sweet video for this jam that’s slightly psychedelic and artistically edited.

For more info:
Instagram @youhearkemini
Tik Tok @keminimafia

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