Alain B (ft Olha Lishchyshyn) – Since i Meet You

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Since i Meet You is a new single from Montreal-based artist Alain B. Alain is responsible for crafting the instrumentals, while the vocals are performed by Olha Lishchyshyn. The style defies simple classification, but for the sake of description for the reader, one could say that this music blends elements of synthwave, pop and EDM. Colorful synth melodies and brightly delightful vocals give Since i Meet You its vibrant, upbeat ambiance. Brimming with positive energy, the song has a euphoric quality.

Olha Lishchyshyn is really a gifted singer, and her voice brings the vision to life. The beat has a peppy pace, and the synth sounds have a nive retro-futuristic, superball bounce. You really can’t ask for much more than this. Since i Meet You is enjoyable on multiple levels and will activate your pulse for the evening.

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Truth the Young God – MIS/MATCH


MIS/MATCH is a new single from artist, Truth the Young God. Blending elements of pop, hip hop and R&B, this is an emotionally powerful track. Truth (aka Truth the Young God) delivers his lines with honesty and passion. As one might ascertain from the title, the song presumably deals with a romantic relationship that turned out to be a mismatch. The lyrics are almost like a letter being directed toward the other other party of the relationship, but it’s also really just Truth reflecting back on the situation and coming to terms with his own feelings in his head. It’s a very personal and cerebral song.

Truth the Young God is actually a decent singer, and the editing effectively makes use of vocal layering, which contributes to the track’s dreamlike, contemplative atmosphere. The synth-driven backing beat is ethereal and gives off a really chill vibe. MIS/MATCH is solid enough song musically, but it works on an artistic level because the content is so viscerally real. Be sure and check out the video to experience the full effect of this jam.

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Keenan Layne – The Devil’s Work


The Devil’s Work is a new single from hip hop artist, Keenan Layne. This fully self produced track is super slick and oozing with style. The backing beat is fresh, features jazzy, piano driven melodies, reminiscent of golden age hip hop. The recording also utilizes a subtle record crackle/cassette tape hiss artifact in the mix, which adds a little bit of analog flavor to the ambiance.

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In terms of vocal delivery, Keenan has a nice, melodic flow and his voice projects just the right level of energy for this song. His voice is sonically very pleasant to listen to, and he raps with emotive sincerity. His performance upbeat and even has an inspirational quality. Combined with exquisite piano arrangements, vintage audio samples/snippets give The Devil’s Work an avant garde sensibility. This is what high end hip hop sounds like, and it’s done very well here. Keenan Layne is set to release an EP this November, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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Damon Mitchell – Like You’re In A Dream (13)

Like You’re In A Dream is a new album from singer/songwriter, Damon Mitchell. Technically it’s not due for official release until Oct 22nd 2021, but we’ve managed to get a sneak peek. Backed by eloquent and colorfully melodic guitars, the songs are largely driven by the vocals. The artist’s website describes his sound as “Beatles meets Death Cab For Cutie,” though some of these tracks have elements of Americana. It has a clean, contemporary vibe with a touch of soul. Damon Mitchell has an impressive voice and is able to carry the action all the way. There’s a genuine charisma in his performance, but he also manages to deliver his lines with an expressive sensitivity and “down to Earth” tone. The title track is a great example of how catchy the songs are. The lyrics make effective use of repetition, and I guarantee you these songs will get stuck in your head.

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Catfish Walkin – 16 Bit

catfish walkin

16 Bit (from the album Back From the Dead) is a new single from artist, Catfish Walkin. As the title implies, the song incorporates “chiptune” style, old school video game music, creatively blending it hip hop vocals. Musically this is one of the better hip hop jams I’ve encountered in recent memory. The backing isn’t merely a bunch of blips and beeps, it consists of rich, elaborate array of sounds and is positively symphonic. For his part, Catfish Walkin delivers a lively performance and brings an “MC” kind of energy to the track. This is a retro party song for sure, one should also appreciate how sophisticated the arrangements are. 16 Bit is a winner.

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Solomon King & The Chosen – No. 5

Solomon King 1000

No. 5 is a new album from Solomon King & The Chosen. The music has a groovin’, authentic 60’s/70’s rock’n’roll sound. Against a backdrop of delightfully swanky guitar melodies, Solomon King’s vocals are reminiscent of icons like Lou Reed, as they feature rich lyrical monologues, delivered in a storytelling fashion. Aquatic reverb adds some depth to the mix and the production in general does a nice job of accurately achieving the sound from its desired time period. If it weren’t for the excellent audio clarity, one would literally think they were listening to a recording from the early 1970’s. My favorite song on the album is Devils Candy, which could be described musically as The Velvet Underground meets Johnny Cash. No. 5 is a terrific little album that offers up the time-tested combo of talent and good taste.

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William Kalfelz – Alien Invasion (12)

Alien Invasion is a new electronika album from artist, William Kalfelz (aka Wusik.) The sound proves to be quite sophisticated, blending avant garde and futuristic elements. Polished compositions give the music a cinematic quality, and the chronological narrative arc makes this release function as a kind of science fiction film soundtrack. In fact, someone saw this album somewhere they might assume it actually is a soundtrack to a real movie.

The tracks feature a lot of instrumental variety and structural creativity. This isn’t just techno or synthwave. Part 04 – Come to Us is one of the most striking songs. It incorporates noise, analog-like artifacts and cultivates a rather haunting ambiance. Part 16 – Slow Drive Avenue combines industrial/mechanical sounds with a majestic synth beat, juxtaposing an electrifying energy with the coldness of advanced machinery. Alien Invasion is a comprehensive and highly professional album that tells a tale. If you allow yourself the privilege of getting lost in these recordings, they will activate your imagination, and you can vividly picture the story unfold while you’re dancing.

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The Guest Survivors – I’m So Proud Of You

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I’m So Proud Of You is the debut single from a new band called The Great Survivors. Blending elements of alternative rock and metal, the track makes a solid first impression. A robust guitar backing provides the song’s foundational framework while angsty, dynamic vocals maintain the listeners’ attention. The singer’s voice is expressive and through its various sounds functions as its own kind of additional instrument. I’m So Proud Of You is actually fairly unique and refreshing for contemporary music. Its organic tone and somewhat anti-social attitude gives it an almost 90’s indie feel. I imagine this would be a good band to see live. The lyrics are performed creatively, with an entertaining level of energy, and the no-nonsense guitars rock from start to finish.

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Doojzie – Puff Puff Pass


Puff Puff Pass is a new single and music video from indie artist, Doojzie. This guy knows the formula on how to write and perform a good pop song. The guitar-driven beat has an organic, almost folkish feel and really sets the tone for Doojzie’s sentimental and sincere vocal delivery. The title phrase “Puff Puff Pass” also features as an incredibly catchy chorus and hook. This is not because of the words, but the creatively melodic way in which Doojzie conveys them. Cultivating an atmosphere of community and celebration (evident both in the lyrics and the video) Doojzie once again demonstrates his commitment to channeling musical energy in a positive direction. This video is really a work of professionalism, and Doojzie proves himself to be a serious musician.

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Doojzie Seeks to Ignite a Worldwide Spark for Humanity

Screenshot 2021-09-20 2.03.42 AM

G8 Intellectual

Prince proclaims “Systemic racism is programmed by past reigns still current to this day, We
cant get over our perceptive indifference while we continue getting cracked by the teachers
whip incarcerating our conscious towards the soul so unique”

The aspiring monarch OMG proclaimed he has suffered the conception which is spread through
hate descending from the shear brutality of class ratings from the evolution of mankind and the suffering enforced by patriarchs throughout generations leading to this day!

Doojzie continued to explain how he has met people whom see him as he seen himself on the
outside and that body from which has been built upon the blood and music supporting the
heroes that bought his right to speak himself clearly today.

“I owe those men my life and will carry my BBB as the dubh dubh until my reign rises above the onslaught society has cast upon the correct path in which we are all suppose meet death in grace not as a directive”

The Prince continues to tell how some people see him as a pure embedded body that should
have been rotten in the graveyard at this stage in his life, Doojzie maintains his way with the natural being of existence has made him along with the G8 council a reign too be obeyed
although they like to welcome any confrontation upon principalities in open conference!
Preaching he has had the time of his life with those people because they understand he is a
unique like no other unless initially creating formidable Peace for the youth that follow Irish / English culture.

“This is our Eire to be politely handed the keys for, I am not worried about the consequences as they are not mine too handle, Only scars!”

We here at G8 think one mans rebellious ways can spark that worldwide appreciation for either a never ending legend or a martyr as the conspiracy would foretell!