Radiofix – All Night Long


All Night Long is a new single from Phoenix, Arizona based trio, Radiofix. These hometown heroes represent the Phoenix scene well with this crisp and professional rock’n’roll jam. Having played with one another for many years, these guys have the seasoned sound of veteran musicians, like one of those bar bands that play to a standing ovation every night. Musically, All Night Long blends eclectic elements of 90s alterative, classic rock and contemporary. Vocalist Daniel Martin has a voice that’s tailor made for this style of music. A bit of a throwback (in a good way), he has a gritty, passionate delivery combined with the ability to actually sing well. This song is both down to Earth and professionally polished at the same time. It reminds me of the kinds of bands you might see playing a Tempe dive bar one night that suddenly have a song released on a major label a few months later. Radiofix is clearly building a following the old fashioned way by playing shows and hitting the road. All Night Long is a solid release. Wish these guys a lot of luck.

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Pariz Noir – Las Olas


Las Olas is a new single from artist, Pariz Noir. This contemporary pop/R&B jam has the potential to make some waves. Lyrically and sonically, the song has an aquatic feel. Pariz’ vocals are dynamic and dreamy, drifting softly against the synth driven backbeat. This soulful song is sexually charged, guaranteed to get your heart beating fast. The production is definitely above average. There is some processing on the vocals, but it doesn’t obscure the substance of her voice, which has a very naturally pleasing quality to it. Las Olas is quietly exciting, sensually evocative and should appeal to its target demographic.

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Ramalla – The Voice of The Stillness


The Voice of The Stillness is a debut album from Ramalla, an artist based in Boulder, CO. It’s a serious album which will affect people on a visceral level. A cancer survivor, Ramalla (known also as Catherine Corona) takes musical inspiration from her experiences and her sixth sense awareness with respect to her health condition. Broadly speaking, the songs are meditative and surreal. Ramalla is truly a gifted singer. She performs at a very high level, and her voice is extremely soothing to listen to. Ramalla demonstrates a lot of poise in these recordings, which are emotionally moving, even while the music itself is fairly minimalist. Production quality is solid. It almost feels as though you’re listening to a big budget film score. Yes, it’s really that high quality. The Voice of The Stillness flows with sentimental strength.

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Take1 – On Ya Mark


On Ya Mark is a new single from hip hop artist, Take1, and appears on the rapper’s debut solo project, Calculated Chances. What’s impressive about this track is that it’s more comprehensive musically than the typical contemporary rap song. Rather than just a standard beat, the vocals are backed by a full and melodically groovin’ jam. Take1 also manages to sing his lyrics instead of just blurting them out like amateur poetry open mic night. His delightfully funky delivery is reminiscent of many of the iconic hip hop artists of the late 80s and early 90s. This, combined with his charismatic “life of the party” personality induces you to sing along with the plethora of lyrical catch phrases and often repeated lines. The vocal pacing is quick and on point, contrasting nicely with the chill and atmospheric ambiance of the backing music. On Ya Mark is sleek and stylish, perfect music for a smooth, late night drive in a slick ride.

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DJ Paula Frost – Oxygen Tank


Oxygen Tank is the debut single from DJ Paula Frost, an internationally known dance music DJ based in London. This appropriately titled jam is brimming with energizing vitality from start to finish. Featuring elaborately arrannged, futuristic beats that beam through with laser-like clarity, this music is hot. Sound quality of the recording is terrific (even by today’s standards) and would be impressive enough to make even the most discerning audiophile blush. The pace is pulsatingly quick but contains brief mellow interludes to allow dancers to occasionally catch their breath. Vintage vocal samples are peppered into the mix here and there to add some subtle retro vibes. There are so many DJs now, it seems like it would be difficult for an artist to produce something which stands out. However, Oxygen Tank demonstrates that DJ Paula Frost operates at a very high skill level. Whether you’re a dance, rave and/or drum’n’bass fan, this song is vibrantly intense and guaranteed to amp you up. The single is slated for official release on March 20th but is available to preorder.

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N2BLÜ – Hurricane


Hurricane is a new single from New Orleans based band N2BLÜ. We took notice of one their previous releases back in December. Their latest effort, Hurricane, retains all the energy of EDM but is distinctive for its romantically tempestuous ambiance. Brimming with passion, the song deals with the futile attempts to salvage a failing relationship as the inevitable storm builds and approaches. Fortunately, N2BLÜ gives us some solid synth action to jam out to as we await the fallout. You can feel the pressure emanating throughout the music, which flows at a frantic yet melodically soothing pace. The vocals are powerful and filled with melodramatic metaphors. These metaphors are effective precisely for their indirect realism. When someone’s in a relationship that’s struggling, it may not seem like a big deal to outsiders, but to the person who’s actually infolved and emotionally invested, it really does feel like the waves are crashing down. So much of contemporary electronic music is just “feel good” fluff and wall to wall happiness. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s cool to see artists in these genres willing to explore and experiment with expression of more complex ranges emotions. Hurricane is energetic and fun enough so that it won’t depress you while you relate the subject matter to your personal experiences.

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LADY CAJUN – Monster


Monster is a new single from Jackson, MS based hip hop artist, LADY CAJUN. Originally from New Orleans, LADY CAJUN has earned the informal nickname, “Beat Killer.” In this spicy jam, she delivers her lines with an assertive ferocity and showcases a charismatic vocal presence. What’s interesting about this song thematically is that it’s about how someone innocent can be transformed into a monster by the cruel and dishonest behavior of others they’ve come into contact with. It’s akin to the old saying “you created a monster” and as LADY CAJUN eloquently points out, “You reap what you sow.”

The backing music gives the track a delightfully eerie and almost Halloween-like ambiance. Production is clear and professional, without a bunch of autotune and unnecessary processing. Just a nice crisp and clean sound. Performance-wise, LADY CAJUN has an incredible sense of timing, and her lyrics flow with geometric precision. Almost anyone can randomly rattle off catchy rhymes, but from a technical standpoint this is very well done. To call her a beat killer is putting it mildly. This woman is a beat assassin. You really have to appreciate an artist who demonstrates confidence and can back it up.

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TheUmutmusic – With You


With You is a new single from Turkey born artist, TheUmutmusic (also known as Umut). A seasoned veteran, Umut has been producing, writing and performing music for over a decade. Production-wise, the song is well made and has a colorful R&B sound. Umut isn’t shy about conveying emotion, as the lyrical content is passionate and romantic, something which is further emphasized by his expressive vocal delivery. An above average singing ability combines with an impressive flow, blending together elements from his background in both rap and R&B. His voice is backed by delicious synths and a mellow beat. This song is vibrant and sentimental, with a modest, underlying sensuality. This is just a straightforward, quality, mainstream friendly track which functions effectively within its target genre. The video for With You is professionally shot and features vivid forest scenery, giving the track an organic, down to Earth feel.

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Luke ATME – Cash Checks ATM

cash checks atm

Cash Checks ATM is a new single from Luke ATME, an artist from Naples, Italy. This lively party jam gets right down to brass tacks. As the title suggests, Luke ATME wants money and is not afraid to go after it. The piano driven backbeat is thrilling and lends the song a formidable and businesslike intensity. Luke ATME’s delivery is mellow paced yet confident, and his timing is impressively on point throughout. The lyrics are catchy and often surprisingly clever for a song of this style. He desires the good life and believes he deserves it, laying out his case in a very “matter of fact” way. The song incorporates cash register and ATM sound effects into the beat rather effectively. This jam is creative and Luke demonstrates an eccentric sort of charisma, which is further enhanced by his accent. Someone send this man a bitcoin.

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LA Sinclair – Won’t Let Go


Won’t Let Go is a fresh new single from California born artist, LA Sinclair. Having spent most of her time in Acapulco while growing up, she often alternates between Spanish and English language while singing. Musically, this track features a deep and ambient backing filled with synths and various intriguing sounds. The song has a dreamy, almost aquatic ambiance. LA Sinclair’s vocals are seriously entrancing as she sings about past lives and holding on to lost love. Her delivery is notable for her sentimental voice and quiet intensity. The lyrics also deal with the blurring of fantasy and reality, which juxtaposes nicely with the ethereal synth backdrop. LA Sinclair at one point invites her loved one to join her in her fantasy, giving audiences a subtly voyeuristic experience. When you listen to this track, you really do feel as though you’re right there in her dream as a tourist. Won’t Let Go is a contemplative and romantically expressive piece of music that’s sure to make a few waves.

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