Bud Bowl Memories – The Time It Was For Real

I remember when the Super Bowl was a blowout almost every year, the Bud Bowl was actually more entertaining than the actual game.

Bud Bowl I – “This Time It’s For Real!”

When I was a kid I had a habit of mailing companies asking for random stuff that I became obsessed with, such as when I wrote to the Los Angeles Rams in 1986, and they sent me an Autographed photo of Eric Dickerson, or the time I sent a letter to Mad Magazine in 1987 asking for some old back issues like the “Irving Pac” one (along with a couple others,) which they actually sent me for free. Well believe it or not I was really into Bud Light and the Spuds Mackenzie commercials, so when the Bud Bowl commercials showed up I had been rooting for Bud Light and remember being bummed out when they lost on the last second field goal. Why I gave a shit who won Bud Bowl I is a mystery to be solved only by child psychologists. However, you can bet that at 11 years old I wrote to Anheuser-Busch and asked them to send me a VHS tape of the Bud Bowl commercials, which they actually did. I always admired them as a company after that, even though my grandpa (who used to work for Miller) always referred to their beer as horsepiss. “That’s why they always have the clydesdales” he would say.

Yeah, that’s a Bud Light/Spuds Mackenzie hat I was rocking in the 80s.

Brandon Adamson is the author of “Beatnik Fascism