Kozie – Fly


Kozie’s new jam “Fly” manages to transcend genre classification. It has elements of EDM, light hip hop, pop and even alternative. I’m especially impressed with the beat, which has a bouncy superball on a summer day kind of vibe. The track is appropriately titled as the upbeat yet lighthearted energy of the song will put an extra spring in your step. The song’s groovy techno-psychedelic backing could actually make it as its own instrumental dance number. Despite the positivity, the lyrics deal with regret, lost time and reluctantly making the unselfish choice to let someone you love fly away, when you know you’re “wings are tied.” I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this music at first, but I was won over. “Fly” is very catchy, and Kozie’s willingness to tap into the vulnerable side of his emotions and explore themes of despair and humility, makes this song approachable and refreshing.