Porcelan – The Real Thing Don’t Change



Memphis based singer “Porcelan” has just released a piano balland called “The Real Thing Don’t Change.” The track was co-written by legendary songwriter / producer David Porter. The song is substantive and sparklingly melodic. It was refreshing in that stays away from the flash and effects overload that is common for up and coming artists in these genres. Like the title, the song itself embodies genuine quality. For her part, Porcelan’s voice shines right up there with the best of the best that Porter has worked with, and I especially like the way her vocals match the changing intensity of the music as it builds over the course of the song. Keep an eye our for her upcoming album.

1403 – Control


“Control” is a new track from 1403 (the musical project of Tom Cameron.) His artistic influences are an eclectic mix, ranging from classical to EDM. This particular song strikes me as being in the vein on minimalist indie pop, with hints of Jazz and RnB flavor. Cameron’s vocals display great presence and dynamic range. There’s an unexpected bridge / interlude at about the 2:40 mark which complements the rest of the song quite well and adds some depth. This is an excellent adult contemporary release by 1403 exudes class and precision.



Samantha Bouquin – Contemplations on Solitude and Strings


Samantha Bouquin’s “Contemplations on Solitude and Strings” features hypnotic compositions that provide a somewhat dark and brooding atmosphere. It’s original string quartet music. Samantha is clearly a talented composer, and this work is highly creative for this genre. These tracks are beautifully tempestuous and offer an ambiance for quiet reflection.

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Richard Lynch Band – Cut and Paste


American country artist Richard Lynch’s new single “Cut and Paste” (off his latest album “Mending Fences”) is an interesting song because it is a traditional country song but incorporates contemporary technological elements into the lyrics. I personally prefer this approach over modern “pop” country music which uses techno and samples in the music, while singing regular country lyrics. What’s great about “Cut and Paste” is how real it comes across in the sense of a traditional person navigating rocky relationships within the context of the modern world. The music is high quality, authentic and professional, just as you would expect with a seasoned music veteran like Richard Lynch. “Cut and Paste” was written by JK Nick Nichols and produced by Sound Control Studios in Nashville.


Brian Fitzy – Play God


Brian Fitzy’s “Play God” has kind of a 90’s pop / hip hop vibe. Just the tone aesthetics of it are reminiscent of that era (in the video Brian is even wearing “A Tribe Called Quest” shirt, representing one of his primary influences.) The backing music is delightfully colorful and has an analog quality to it. For those who might be put off by the preachy edge of his message, Fitzy actually has a good voice and is a talented singer, so the song is good anyway. One can’t help but wonder if in a parallel universe he could made it in the boy band circuit.