LEHUA – T R A V E L S (ft Tombstone)


T R A V E L S is a new single from Los Angeles based artist, LEHUA. A collaborative effort with her associate Brock Liles (Tombstone), this song is the second release off her three-track, self titled EP. This avant garde song features experimental beats and propagates a desolate Saturnian ambiance. The vibe is positively mechanical, in a sense that the music literally sounds the inner machinery of a haunted moonbase. It’s what one would imagine an astronaut or space colonist would hear in the background while conducting their daily experiments. An unpredictable collage of samples, sythns and totally unidentifiable noises, T R A V E L S is brimming with eerily delightful atmosphere. I’m not gonna lie, there’s a little bit of uneasey suspense in this jam as you almost feel like a creature might jump out at you at any moment. Bottom line is that T R A V E L S is darkly uncomfortable, artistically interesting and pretty cool.

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