Country Gold – Trap Club


Trap Club is a new single from New Orleans-based hip hop artist, Country Gold. In this track, the rapper reflects on what he refers to as his “glory days,” when an establishment known as The Trap House was at its pinnacle. The production quality is very high end for an indie hip hop song, with excellent clarity and a clean, punchy mix. Country Gold has a straightforward, rhythmic and no-nonsense delivery style. He also low-key demonstrates an ability to switch speeds on a dime, hinting at his true power level at various moments throughout the song. The backing beat is synth driven and somewhat theatrical in nature. Overall, this is a solid, energetic and worthy release.

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The Moonshoots – Golden Hour


Golden Hour is a new album from Los Angeles-based indie band, The Moonshoots. This 7 track EP is scheduled to be released on June 8th. With a folkish and somewhat psychedelic feel, the songs represent the best in innocent, indie goodness. The vocals are clear, harmonious and brimming with sentimentality. The melodic backing music has an organic, vintage quality and the percussive elements are suprisingly robust, giving the tracks a little bit more potency. Another aspect of this album I really enjoy is the wurlitzer-style electric piano, perhaps most delightfully utilized in Window Open Wide. Ulimately though, this album is vocally driven and fortunately, both members of this duo can sing fairly well. Even setting aside the technical aspects, their voices are just extremely pleasant sounding and emotionally reassuring. Not exactly minimalist, the overall sound on thie recording is actually full and vibrant. While Golden Hour presents aesthetically as light, indie folk fare I found that it rocked harder than I anticipated.

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