Demise – Dead Wrong


Dead Wrong is a new album from artist, Demise. It’s slated to be released on July 17th, but the “presave” link is available below. The songs blend elements of hip hop, alternative and emo to create a distinctive, unconventional sound. Matching with the backing music, Demise’s vocal delivery is hauntingly melodic. He also makes creative use of harmonies, particularly on tracks like In My Room (not to be confused with the Beach Boys classic).

Thematically, the tracks combine subject matter like romance, heartbreak, death and demonry. There’s a dark sincerity that gives the album a personal touch. The affliction and angst sound persuasively real, to the extent the listener almost feels like a voyeur listening to recordings that are meant to be heard by someone else specifically. The unease is part of the album’s charm. The synth-driven backing music is wonderful, and one could really zone out to it if this were strictly an instrumental release. My favorite song on here is Living Dead which fully embodies the spirit of emo and which made me nostalgic for MySpace era emo culture and the associated musical acts. This album wears its ripped out heart on its sleeve. Cool stuff.

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