Son of Satan – Monsters Under My Bed


Monsters Under My Bed is a new single from artist, Son of Satan. This ambient track blends elements of hip hop with an entrancing mantra that’s quite catchy. When Son of Satan bursts into hip hop verse, the intensity revs up, and the song really kicks into high gear. As a rapper, he demonstrates some genuine skill. His crisp delivery elevates the track into something beyond a mere novelty or experimental jam. From a structural perspective Monsters Under My Bed balances a sense of foreboding with suspense and high octane action. The build up is very well orchestrated. This is one of those songs where you can’t really predict what it’s going to be like just by glancing at the cover, but regardless of what listeners might be envisioning, the music delivers in execution. Monsters Under My Bed is an engaging and delightfully eerie treat.

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