BlazeDwnJay – Pain Songz

Pain Songz is a new single from Baton Rouge-based artist, BlazeDwnJay. Blending elements of hip hop, R&B and pop, the song’s colorfully melodic beat provides a smooth backdrop for heartfelt vocals. The powerful lyrical delivery is brimming with straightforward honesty, while retaining expressive sensitivity and romantic sentimentality. Written in the style of a love letter (or post-breakup letter), the song conveys genuine affliction in a way that’s sincere, relatable and musically satisfying. The singing is quite good. Combining dynamic, traditional vocal ability with precision hip hop timing and a confident delivery, Pain Songz maintains a fresh, danceably rhythmic appeal even while the content often contains feelings of sorrow. Pain Songz is a therapeutic, emotionally resilient, and surprisingly inspirational jam.

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The Undecideds – Oldest Story in the World


Oldest Story in the World is a new single from The Undecideds, a brother and sister musical duo based in Los Angeles. Though these artists are youthful in age and appearance, their music in clearly influenced by classic rock’n’roll styles. Incorporating soulful melodies and emotive sincerity into their sound, The Undecideds emit a level of authenticity rarely seen in contemporary mainstream pop/rock. As one might ascertain from the title, Oldest Story in the World itself puts a fresh spin on the familiar tale of heartbreak and resilience.

Groovy guitar riffs give the song a haunting, James Dean-like coolness factor, while passionate, sentimental vocals offer hints of relatable Americana flavor. Chloe has a dynamic and charismatic voice that carries the song exactly where it’s trying to go. It will genuinely pull listeners’ heartstrings. The band manages to balance professional production and recording quality with organic performances. The result of this tightrope walk is an excellent audio mix which doesn’t sacrifice artistic credibility. Oldest Story in the World is stylish, professional and 100% real.

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