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Deep Into Blue


Blue Moon Harem(a band featuring members of a popular 90’s band from Boston called ‘Requiem’) has just finished their third studio album. It’s titled “Deep Into Blue.” It is extremely well put together and has kind of an alternative pop feel to it. Listening to these tracks made me nostalgic for times when good music was still played on the radio. The arrangements and production quality are top notch, but not in the overproduced, overprocessed, effects ridden way most music is today. This comes across as a very professional album, made by people who take their craft seriously and have spent decades working on it.

The vocals by Jonathan Bix particularly stand out as terrific. He has an excellent range and wisely doesn’t drown out the sound with a lot of unnecessary effects and filters. A good example of this is on the track “Lucky,” which was my personal favorite.

I recommend checking out their website and social media sites for updates on their new album.