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Purejoypeople – Southern Part of Heaven EP


Purejoypeople, a “rock’n’soul” musical duo, have just released their third EP “Southern Part of Heaven.” Recorded in Chapel Hill, NC, “Southern Part of Heaven” is meticulously well produced, as is apparent right away with the first track,”Satisfied.” The group’s vocalist, “Pure Joy,” has a terrific voice and her out front vocals drive the song soulfully and with an unassuming elegance. She belts the songs emotively and with relative ease. If she had lived in another era, she might have been a successful lounge singer. The guitars on “Satisfied” reminded me somewhat of the brooding, dark style of Chris Isaak and provide the appropriate ambiance for the theme. The remaining songs on the EP seem to also get more creative, utilizing samples and often taking things into a more indie, avant garde direction. This is a very high quality release, that doesn’t cut any corners.

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