Junior Love – Wicked Love


It may not seem very scientific, but sometimes I can tell I’m going to like something just by looking at the cover artwork. Such is the case with Wicked Love, a song from solo indie pop artist and poet, “Junior Love.” According to Junior, the song is inspired by a long distance relationship he experienced (which was also the subject of his poetry book 10 Hours to Mexico.)

Wicked Love is a dance pop song. It blends spoken word poetry with a chillwave ambiance. With authentically expressive lyrics and a pleasantly haunting atmosphere, this song hits a sweet spot. The track oscillates between high energy dance pacing and mellow reflective interludes, almost mirroring the roller coaster ride of a long distance relationship itself. Wicked Love is a solid effort from Junior, who comes across as a likable, archetypal romantic hero who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s not afraid to take chances, musically or otherwise.

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