Kilo M.O.E – Keys To The M.O.E


Keys To The M.O.E is a new album from ex-bodybuilder and longtime music artiste, Kilo M.O.E It doesn’t take long when listening to this record to realize Kilo M.O.E. (real name Maurice Jones) has a talent for writing catchy songs. The title track Keys To The M.O.E is attention grabbing, with Kilo’s deep and commanding vocal presence leading the way. A lot of indie rappers and hip hop artists are unorganized and simply bust rhymes into the void, just throwing stuff at a wall and hoping it sticks. Kilo on the other hand demonstrates impressive songwriting craftsmanship. Whether its through innate intuition or just the fact that he’s a seasoned veteran who has been at this game a long time, I have no idea. The songs have clever hooks, strong verses, and memorable chorus phrasing all structured within a complex musical framework.

There’s a substantial variety of beats and instrumentals on this album. Usually it’s synths or some kind of piano and samples, setting a mood and ambiance that’s a little on the darkly mischievous / diabolical side. The track In Em is probably my favorite in terms of musical backing. It has a kind of 80’s Sci-Fi synth and is just all around badass. Though Feel Inside gets an honorable mention with its melodic disco vibes. Something must be said for Kilo’s delivery. He doesn’t just go through the motions. He’s never content to just spit out lyrics. Rather, like an actor he delivers his lines with a performative pizazz that enhances the songs in ways which less creative people would be incapable of. The song which really stands out on this album is still the title track, Keys to the M.O.E It’s just so damn catchy, and it was still in my head hours later after only hearing it one time.

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