We Still Like You Though

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At first glance at her aesthetic I was expecting Soo Han to be some kind of mainstream, dance pop artist.  So it was great to discover that she’s actually much more advanced than that.  Her music is decidedly jazz influenced, and she reminds me of those talented lounge singers from the early half of the 20th century.

Soo Han’s latest jam is titled “I Don’t Want You Anyway,” and it’s quite impressive. The song title and the bitingly spiteful lyrics give the listener the distinct impression of a girl that “doth protest too much.” We get the feeling she is trying to convince herself(that she doesn’t want the man described in the song) moreso than convince “we the listeners.”

An accomplished and well studied musician, Soo Han clearly knows how to compose and construct a quality song.  She’s a highly capable singer as well. The rich piano backing gives the music an elevated  mood that would never have been achieved by some generic dance beats. This girl is extremely talented, and I’d like to hear more from her in the future.