Belle Vex – 15 Minutes of Fame


What if you took 90’s style pop punk vocals and attitude and combined them with modern  EDM grooves? That’s kind of the vibe I get when listening to Belle Vex’s latest album, “15 Minutes of Fame.” His singing takes on a rebellious tone and the cadence is reminiscent of punk genres. That’s somewhat unique for EDM, which is more known for abstract, and vague “niceness.” Despite the attitude the pace of the music is energetic and upbeat.

The production quality on Vex’s songs is as good or better than anything on the radio. This makes sense given that several of his tracks have charted nationally. Especially refreshing is what a great singer Vex is.  Most modern song vocals are heavily processed and autotuned to the point of drowning out anything organic from the sound.  Belle’s voice on these recordings has only subtle and minimal effects.

Belle was born in New Bedford, MA and learned to play the cello as a child. His musical talent is evident in his music as an adult. Give him a listen for yourself.