One New Spirit – Follow Peace


One New Spirit’s song, “Follow Peace” brings something new to the table in that it’s part of a growing yet not often talked about genre of “indie” new age music. As more people seek relief from the ever increasing toll of modern life takes on the psyche, there is a yearning for the transcendent, for meditation and most of all…for inner tranquility. “Follow Peace” is there to fill the void. The talented Krista Gardner’s naturalistic vocals seem to be tailor made for this style of music. Producer Marko Fazio wisely allows Krista’s singing to take center stage and doesn’t muddy up her performance by tinkering with a lot of unnecessary effects and processing. True to its title, “Follow Peace” is a very calming song, which invites contemplative meditation and reflective solitude. The same thing goes for the lyric video (see below.) While the aesthetic is minimalist (lyrics set to a vaporwave styled ocean backdrop) it’s perfect for meditation, and anything more would probably distract from reaching any higher level consciousness.

There is clearly a high level of talent associated with this production at all levels. I expect Krista and the rest of her team will continue to dream up more of these great electro new age songs in the future.