Kid-Ro -New Keisha


Chicago based artist “Kid-Ro” has a track out titled “New Keisha” (produced by Niko the Great.) He describes his sound as “new age hip hop with an international feel.” Kid-Ro comes across as a capable and solid rapper. Throughout the song he maintains an intuitive pacing. His delivery is articulate, with well timed vocals accentuated by some echo type effects, yet none of it is obscured by over processing. What makes the song memorable for me though is the terrifically eerie synth backing, which is reminiscent of something in between a 70’s Italian horror movie soundtrack and 80’s video game music. The background track is good enough to stand on its own as an instrumental. It’s good to see hip hop getting more creative and branching off into new sub-genres. Kid-Ro’s music is helping to contribute to that welcome trend.

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