KALO – Wild Change


KALO describes their music as “pure, heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll with just a tease of blues and roots.” I would agree with all of that, and I would add their music is in fact very good as well. Their new song “Wild Change” lives up to their previous releases like Dear John. “Wild Change” is just brimming with professionalism while managing to retain its authenticity. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Bat-Or Kalo sings with passion and plays with precision. I found the guitar work to be especially impressive. Back inthe day I used to work for a mail order company that sold parts for musical instruments. People would always call and ask how they could get that “great bluesy tone” out of their amps. Well, KALO has managed to do just that. It helps that they are all solid and well-trained musicians. This is just an all around professional outfit, and it shows in their music. “Wild Change” is a top of the line release.