Mythill Grim – Comfortable (Dante’s Love Ballad pt1)


Dublin, Ireland based Hip hop artist Mythill Grim’s new track “Comfortable” has an avant garde quality to it. He manages to to avoid the mistakes other rappers make. He doesn’t come across as overly flashy or flamboyant and his style is relatively nuanced and low key (coincidentally a producer who goes by the name Lowkey is credited with the production.) Rather than being a tryhard that promotes a transparently frivolous image of himself, Grim focuses on substantive lyrics which tell a dark and brooding story. “Comfortable” is refreshingly serious and thought provoking compared to most hip hop I come across. It is a very personal song. Mythill’s flow is smooth and his tone is that of a slightly jaded lover or friend but one who is still coherent enough to explain his perspective logically and clearly.


As the opening title credits and aesthetics to the video suggest, this is almost more of a short art film than a music video. In fact, if there were no music at all it would still pass for a pretty interesting little abstract horror movie. The color usage is intentionally bleak, at times almost reminiscent of gritty horror films set in children’s insane asylums. It utilizes a lot of “glitch” type 80s and 90s effects but only subtly. It never really goes into full on “vaporwave” territory. It’s tough to find any real flaws with this other than it would be great if it were longer, due to the nature of the storylike presentation. However, it states that this is only part I, so it’s likely there will be more unfolding here over time. Grim is just keeping us hanging and waiting for the next installment of this jam.