Lyrics Of Two – Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home


“Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” is a delightfully delicate indie pop release from the Los Angeles  based band “Lyrics of Two.” The band was founded by poet and songwriter Marie Helen Abramyan. The  song deals with universal humanist themes conveyed emotively by the singer.  The sound is refreshingly  organic and doesn’t contain any of the unnecessary electronic sound design or overprocessing that is so rampant in much of contemporary pop and even indie music. This release is a fine example of how substance and emotion provide a more fulfilling  experience for the listener than a vapid track dressed up in slick packaging. It’s true for me anyway.

It’s easy to see how Marie Helen’s poetry style translates over to songwriting as her poems are very rhythmic and well choreographed, with timed rhymes strategically placed throughout. Her poems tend to reflect on the changing seasons.  Marie is a busy bee on many fronts and just completed a children’s book titled “The Rhyming Tales Of The Helpful Friends And The Garden Show.” I recommend checking it out even if you don’t have children. Everyone should take the time to recapture a bit of childhood innocence once in a while.

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