Miztuh Chazs – Conceited – EP


With an upcoming official release date of November 24th, “Conceited” is a new EP from hip hop artist, Miztuh Chazs. My first impression of this album is that the production quality is very high. I can remember a time when indie hip hop artists recorded on 4-track cassette, but such is not the case really anymore. The quality here is as good as you would find on a major label. I personally don’t care much about production, but for those who do, “Conceited” is legit.

What I really want to stress about this EP though is how much fun and entertaining it is. Miztuh Chazs’ fun going, party personality is evident throughout the tracks. He makes frequent use of humorous, attention grabbing samples and sound effects. His lyrics are often creatively unpredictable, with gems like “Pussy smells like cotton candy, and she be going down smooth like her name is Brandy.” The song “Push to Start” even contains a Domino’s Pizza reference.

“Conceited” is an entertaining listening experience, but one shouldn’t overlook the fact that there’s some genuine artistry here. The whole project is very well put together.

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