Jay Kipps Band – How to Polish Your Longhorns


How to Polish Your Longhorns is a new full length album from Jay Kipps Band. I would describe the sound as almost a “psychedelic country.” The band classifies their style as “Roots Americana” which explains the eclectic influences. The guitars remind me of the music from old Clint Eastwood westerns of the 60’s. This was my first impression anyway upon listening to the first track, Colt 45. Rotten Apple Blues settles into a more familiar and contemporary country/Americana sound. Featuring a catchy title and chorus, it’s one of those songs that strikes me as an instant country classic. Country/Americana artists seem to be very good at coming up with clever titles and concepts for songs (such Mel Tillis’ Coca Cola Cowboy etc.) What seems like a rather predictable track, Big Old Engine surprises by taking on 60’s rock n’ roll qualities, particularly with respect to the backup vocals on the chorus, which wouldn’t have seemed out of place on a Velvet Underground track. Besides Rotten Apple Blues my other favorite song on this album is Harp Bomb which sounds like music which would appear in a vintage video game RPG. It just has this bright, be-boppin’ feel to it. I don’t know…you just have to listen. This album is genius and demonstrates that Americana artists are far more imaginative than many people give them credit for.

For more info:
Spotify: https://goo.gl/eDfHPx
iTunes: https://apple.co/2pxh7wK
Web: http://www.jaykippsband.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jaykippsband