Roddie Mira – Better Off


Better Off is a new single from international artist, Roddie Mira. Already a well established musician (having opened for iconic groups like Wu-Tang Clan) his most recent big break came when a recent release was used in a German Mcdonalds commercial. It isn’t difficult to see why he’s achieving some commercial success. As his performance on Better Off demonstrates, this guy can sing. He has a smooth, soulful R&B style and is able to hit notes on the higher side. It particular his vocals make great use of alternating harmonies with dynamic solo parts. You just can’t fake this style of music. Either you can pull it off or you can’t, and Roddie most definitely can. The backing music is a laid back, charming beat with some contemplative piano and synth vibes. A lot of times when I hear this type of song, I mention how it is good enough to stand alone as just an instrumental / dance track. In this case though, even if there were no instrumentals, beat or musical backing of any kind, Roddie Mira’s vocals could stand on their own. He could release an acapella version of this jam, and it would still be good. His voice is just incredibly versatile. One wonders what the limits are to what it can do.

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