Marton Juhasz – Discovery

(Photo credit – Alex Ventling)

Marton Juhasz’s new full length album Discovery is something else. The poignantly haunting intro track, Sea of Uncertainty, clues the listener in to the fact that this is going to be a record which is a cut above the average recording, both intellectually and musically. The Curve has a more jazzy vibe as the aesthetic of the album begins to take shape. The music can be described as similar to what one would hear on a 1960’s film soundtrack. In fact, if you were to watch an older movie with this playing in the background, it would not seem out of place at all. The sound here is classy, jazzy and cerebral, with hints of abstract psychedelia. There’s expert musicianmanship on display here at all levels, from vocals all the way on down. Songs like Little Prayer and Spellbound have elements of contemporary flavor to remind you when and where you are. My favorite song on this album is Camels in the Sky, which is majestic and memorable. I don’t usually give overly gushing reviews, but this release is absolutely flawless, manifesting as a perfect storm of style, substance and professionalism.

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