Love Ghost – Mr. Blue


Bearing no resemblance to The Fleetwoods’ 1959 song of the same name, Mr. Blue is a new single from alt-rock band, Love Ghost. Guitarist and lead vocalist Finnegan Bell looks a bit like Alex Winter from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and does an excellent job of providing an authentically alternative crooner’s sound. The backing music rocks hard with Ryan Stevens (bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums) and is accentuated by hauntingly melodic synth vibes, (courtesy of keyboard player Mya Greene.) Like the band’s numerous other releases, Mr. Blue comes off as serious and polished production wise (this particular jam was produced by Carl Restivo.) It has a very “LA slick” and radio friendly sound, while still retaining enough organic and creative elements to maintain indie credibility with more avant garde audiences. It’s also refreshingly very clear. There are no aggressive filters being applied or any annoying overprocessing of the vocals. The vibrato synth parts are my favorite aspect of this song though. They really add another dimension to the music, giving it a darker, mysterious sort of intensity and separating it from what I would associate with more traditional alternative music.

Expect to hear a lot more about this up and coming band. They sound very tight and cohesive together. This is a group that has all their ducks in a row and is poised to hit the jackpot with one of these releases, maybe even this one.

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