Hen-Dawg – Better Days


Better Days is a new single from Hen-Dawg, a Vermont raised musician / producer who is currently based in North Carolina. The track is a very unique hip hop jam in that utilizes an ethereal, ambient almost dreamy backing music rather than just basic or traditional beats. The music really blends well with the nostalgic theme of the song as Hen-Dawg looks back at the old times dwells on some of his bittersweet memories and wonders where it all went. Finally, in a bit of a plot twist he looks toward the future with a realization that the better days are ahead.

Hen-Dawg’s delivery comes across as unconventional and displays a refreshing sincerity not normally found in these types of songs. His lyrical creativity is apparent throughout the song, as he consistently takes the listener in clever and unexpected directions rhyme-wise. Check out Hen-Dawg’s website for more info on this and other upcoming releases.

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