Stephon Foster – Snake

snake (2)

Snake is the second single slated for inclusion on Stephon Foster’s upcoming album. Stephon remains coy about the title of the new album, preferring to preserve a bit of the suspense. However, Snake is a song which certainly cuts right to the heart of the matter. The track deals with the theme of calling out and removing toxic people from our lives. Stephon’s “tell it like it is” vocal delivery gives this song a feeling of empowerment, almost like it’s part of a motivational, self-help dance cassette. A combination of the reptitive use of the term “snake” and an impressively complex musical framework make this jam quite catchy.

Pretty much anyone could relate to this song, whether we’re the naive person with a loved one taking advantage of us, or we’re the concerned friend trying to convince someone we care about to remove a toxic person from their life, or even if we’re the snake itself. At one time or another, most us have will have played out one of these roles, and some of us may have even experienced all three.

Once again, we have Stephon’s charismatic personality and entertaining vocal presence elevating the song’s appeal. Songwriting and production here is very nice, and in particular the vocal layering is done quite exquisitely. One thing I really enjoy about this artist’s work is the passion in the lyrics. You get the sense when listening that these songs are inspired by genuine experiences and events. They are actually about something that actually happened or someone that really exists. That ups the intensity factor for the listener. We engage with the material, because we know it’s personal and real. Cutting toxic people out of our lives is an ongoing battle, as we must remain vigilant to prevent others from slithering their way in.

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